Hi my name's Delilah, I live in Homeless chapel and I have no friends... Yeah you heard me. None not one. It's sad but you get use to it. I head bad experiences with boyfriends so I don't want one not after what happened last time... What will happen when I meet happen will he fix me or will he just hurt me like everyone else. Read to find out.


3. Harry is My Best Friend

*Harry's POV*

As we were driving home from the hospital Delilah fell asleep. She was beautiful and yeah I know what you're thinking 'WTF You just met her?' But I don't know there's something about her that's different and I know she's hiding something and I will find out but now I'll let her sleep. The thing I love about her most would be her eyes, the blue is so dreamy but yeah I cant have a relation ship if I did... I don't know all my relation ships never worked. I arrived at my house but my mum, Anne was at a friends for a night so we could have the day together. We got to my house and I carried her inside. I placed her in my bed and I would sleep on the couch. I was about to leave when she started stirring and crying in her sleep.

*Delilah's POV*

I was in a black room chained to a chair and there was a guy in the corner sharpening a knife. It was Mason. He stood up and walked over to me and I began to whimper.

"No! Let me go! Please!" I screamed he smirked and got closer. he used the knife to rip my clothes off and put the knife to my neck so I couldn't scream. I let out small whimpers as he slid into me. He licked my body up and down then he stuck his fingers into my lower part I let a scream out before getting woken up be Harry.

*Harry's POV*

She was now balling her eyes out so I woke her up. I was sitting next to her and she curled into a ball sobbing.

"Hey shh It was only a dream ok." I pulled her in for a hug and she cried. After she stopped crying we pulled away. she still had tears streaming down her face so I whipped them away.

"It was only a dream." I smiled. she nodded and hugged me. she wasn't crying anymore but it was cute how she was scared and just wanted to be held.

"Go back to sleep love. you need to sleep." I said and tucked her in bed and kissed her fore head.

"Goodnight Delilah."

"Harry." She called as I got to the door.


"Please don't leave me." I smiled and nodded before sliding into bed with her. I put my arm around her and she nuzzled into my chest. Most girls would just turn this into sex but no. Delilah was different and I liked that. I had only realised she fell asleep and I soon joined her.

*Next Morning*

*Delilah's POV*

I can not believe I asked Harry to sleep with me! Oh god if people at school find out I'll be doomed. Anyway I opened my eye's and Harry was gone. I started to freak out because I have no idea how to find anything in this house. I was about to step out of bed then I remembered I needed my crutches. I looked around the room and spotted my crutches near the door. I hopped over and grabbed my crutches. I slowly exited the room and walked down the hall.

"Good morning Delilah." Harry was coming up the stairs. "I was just coming to get you. I made breakfast come down."  I nodded. Well I wanted to but I couldn't I had no idea on how to use crutches. I heard Harry chuckle. I looked down blushing like a retard. He came up and picked me up bridal style and carried me down stairs. He put me on the couch and left the room. The lounge room was white with cream furniture and dark wood. Harry came back holding two plates of pancakes and passed one two me.

"Thank you." I muttered shyly.

"It's No problem. really. Can I ask you a question. I-I mean you don't have to answer I-if you don't want to." He asked.

"Sure go a head." I tried to smile which failed I guess I was so shaken up from yesterday.

"W-why were you crying yesterday." I swallowed what I had in my mouth and looked up at him. He hadn't touched his food and it was set aside.

"W-well eight years ago  my dad he was an army officer and he was MIA and I was thinking about it before and-" I was cut off by sobs escaping my mouth. Harry moved the food out the way and moved closer to me. Harry was probably the nicest person I've met in years. I'm so happy he's my friend.

"Shh I-I'm sorry I didn't know-" I looked up and a single tear rolled down my cheek and I whipped it away.

"It's ok. I just really needed someone to tell. Harry why are you hear with me I-I mean you could be with all the popular people not having to worry about stupid people like me I mean I'm a nobody-"

"I couldn't ask for anyone better than you. you are amazing ok and I want to worry about you Delilah. You are definitely not a nobody you're everything to me. Promise me you wont think anything else." I was shocked... Nobody has ever- OMG.


"Promise." He looked so happy and concerned. I hesitated but nodded.

"o-ok I promise." I said. He smiled and hugged me.

"Now eat up. We need to go get you some stuff." He said then I had a better idea.

"Hey Harry how about we stay at my house because my mum wont be home for ages." He looked up with bright eyes and a smile.

"Yeah I'd love to." We finished our food and got in the car to go to my house. Harry had got his own cloths and called his mum, who said it was fine. We got to my house we put Harry's stuff in the spare room and watched a movie.


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