Love Triangle

This about my life and my best friend and her crush


1. The First Day Of School


One day , It was the First Day of school so i go to class and then i saw my best friend , her name is Catherine and she's always have a big crush on this guy named Zero . He likes neon colored stuffs like bag and etc. Then suddenly Catherine asked me this big question.


" CutiePiie why don't you and I join the cheerleader team because i heard that Zero is pretty much interested to cheerleaders , " Said Catherine.


I wasn't really sure on what i will reply to her because the first time i tried cheerleader i slipped on my foot and then everybody laughed at me .


" But Catherine you know i don't know how to cheer , you know i just play volleyball, and it dosen't mean that Zero likes cheerleaders you need to be one for him to like you , whats important is that you have a good attitude . "


I never really did see the face of Zero even thought Catherine tells me all she knows about him , I never did fall inlove with a guy . Everytime my classmates would ask me if i have a crush on someone i would just say that Education is much more important than because Education depends on our Future life .Even though i have a hard time on studying i would just keep on studying that lesson that i have a problem on and then when i understand it i will move to the next lesson ..


I was inloved once but it broke my heart so i never did try and find another one because i was too scared that he would broke my heart again like for the first time i was inlove .


So the bell rung and Mr. Cerlock came in and said , " Class we will have 3 new students in this classroom and i hope you will be their friends be kind and don't play rough okay? "


So he introduced the  first one his name was Tyler 

" Hi My name is Tyler and my sport is football so anyone want me in their team its cool "

Then the second one her name was Elizabeth 

She was shy so she did not introduced herself to the class so Mr. Cerlock let her pass the introduction because he knew that we will make friends with her easily because she is easy going and shes friendly but shy most of the time .


Lastly Mr. Cerlock introduced the final student , He's name was Zero , i was shocked at first because i wasn't expecting that he is our level .

then he introduced himself, " My name is Zero , my sport is football and my hobbies are reading books and playing football " Then after that Mr. Cerlock made a sitting arrangment to the new students i was shocked when Mr. Cerlock said that Zero should sit beside me .


Then he started talking to me , i couldn't answer because i don't want Catherine to be mad at me for talking to her crush and i don't want to ruin our relationship so i ignored him.


So when time passed by i started talking to him , at the first day of class we already became close friends and he made me laugh and i didn't notice Catherine was sad and looking at both of us so it was time to go home i was supposed to walk with Catherine and i ended up ignoring her and hanging out with Zero to starbucks then we told stories about ourselfs then go home 


I didn't realized i was inlove with him


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