The Story Of Marcel

Marcel always had it hard in school. Everyone judged him on his clothes and glasses and what he looked like. They never got to know what was on the inside which was a really sweet boy, until a surprise turns up one day at school.


14. Weekend

Marcels P.O.V

I wake up with an empty, cold feeling in my stomach thinking about the argument im in with Hazel when I remember yesterday. The thought of last night warms me right back up again. Its Sunday and I know Hazels home alone as her mum works today and I have a great idea for what we can do. I quickly run to the shop and grab all the supplies and get the bus to Hazels house. I ring the doorbell and hear a "Come in!" I walk in and see Hazel in an oversized baseball t-shirt and loose grey shorts. "Marceeel! Im too tired to do anything!" she says when she sees me put the bags on the table. "Well hello to you too. And fine then, i'll bring all this baking stuff home and make my own cakes and eat them all to myself." I say knowing this will get her off her bum. I laugh as I see her head look at me at the mention of cakes. "Fine then." she says grinning. "But we're making red velvet cupcakes first." We spend ages looking up recipes and trying to make the cake mix perfect but after a bowl of milk, flour and eggs falls all over Hazel and she wipes it on my face it turns into a cake war. After we both have cake every where on our bodies we put the successfully made cakes into the oven and on the side while we clear up the kitchen. When the kitchen looks brand new we make the chocolate fudge icing for the fudge cupcakes. We ice all the cupcakes and put extra icing on the last cupcake which I offer to Hazel. She smiles and takes it and just as shes about to bite it I shove it into her face so she has icing all around her mouth, chin and nose. She shoves the remaining cupcake into my face and we are both laughing. I then look into her eyes and lightly kiss her chocolate lips. "I think you got the nicest bit of icing," I say and kiss her again. Its the ding of the oven that tells us the fairy cakes are ready that pulls us apart. We pile up all the different cupcakes on different plates and bring them into the living room. "Right! Which movie!" I say. "TOY STORY!" we both say at the same time. I know its her favourite movie. We manage to eat all the cupcakes except for 1 fairycake for hazels mum and a red velvet cupcake for my mum. I take the last monster cupcake and eat it. "Hey!" says hazel and we wrestle over it but I shove it all in my mouth at once. We both laugh and settle down to watch the rest of the movie not thinking about school tomorrow.

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