The Story Of Marcel

Marcel always had it hard in school. Everyone judged him on his clothes and glasses and what he looked like. They never got to know what was on the inside which was a really sweet boy, until a surprise turns up one day at school.


9. The Dance

Hazels P.O.V

Another rose, I don't understand Joey, he's a right pig one minute and then he's sending me roses. I don't get him.

<2 weeks later>

Marcels P.O.V

Ok, everything is set for the dance. I haven't got a date, big surprise, but Im not going to need one. I have plenty of suits so that's ok but all I need is a tie so I run out after school to the mall. I go into 'Tie Up' where I usually get my ties and spend about 20 minutes looking for the certain tie. I finally find it and run home. Ok, I've sent 4 more roses in the past 2 weeks but I need one more so on my way back from the café where I went to help out Hazel I stop by the florists and order one last rose. Perfect.

<The Night of the dance>

Hazels P.O.V

Joey turns up outside in his flash car and I know I'd rather take the bus. I get in anyway. "Hey gorgeous," he says leaning in for a kiss but I just push his face away with my hand. "Save it Joey," I say. I cant wait for this night to be over. Then I remember. "Joey, what's with all the roses you've been sending me?" I ask. "What are you talking about babes, I haven't sent you any roses," he says. Ugh, is he seriously playing this game. "Stop playing Joey, I want to know why you sent me all those roses. Remember, with the tinfoil on the bottom?" Im getting more and more bored as this conversation continues. "Listen Honey Cakes, I don't send roses, not my style. HEY TOMMY!!!" He yells as we pull up at school and he gets out and chest bumps this Tommy guy. Im losing my patience so I just walk off into the hall on my own. "Hey! Babes! Where are you going!" Shouts Joey running after me. "Well, we are here for the dance so I'm going into the dance." I say and carry on walking. "Oooh, feisty!" says joey and walks in with me. I see him head to the drinks so I find a few of my friends from extra science and dance with them. Then all of a sudden the music stops. All the lights go out and I hear someone walk onto the stage. A spotlight goes on to stage and I gasp. Is that? Hardly? Marcel. Hes not wearing his glasses which make his green eyes stand out more. His hair is in curls all around his head and in a slight quiff. He's in a black suit and is wearing a peach tie the exact shade of my dress. "This one goes out to an Angel," he says. And then he starts singing. His voice sends chills through my body.

'Her hand fits in mine like its made just for me, but bare this in mind it was meant to be,

and im joining up the dots with the freckles on her cheek, and it all makes sense to me,

I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes, when you smile,

you've never loved, your stomach or your thighs,

The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, but I love them endlessly.'

Then he starts walking down the steps from the stage and towards me. Another spotlight finds me but marcels eyes never leave mine.

'I wont let these little things slip out, of my mouth,

But if I do, its you, oh its you, they add up too, im in love with you,

and all these little things.'

And with that he pulls his hand out from around his back and hands me a rose with a bit of tinfoil covering the stem.


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