The Story Of Marcel

Marcel always had it hard in school. Everyone judged him on his clothes and glasses and what he looked like. They never got to know what was on the inside which was a really sweet boy, until a surprise turns up one day at school.


7. Surprise

Hazels P.O.V

The look on Marcels face makes me want to cry. I watch him get off the bus and feel my heart breaking. Ive only known him for 2 days and I think I have feelings for him. But what have I done? only asked the biggest jerk in our school to the dance just to get back at Marcel. I was hurt, I thought when he was telling me about this amazing girl he was going to ask to the dance he was going to ask me! Not that bitch Mindy. Im dreading working my shift at the café today but hopefully she wont be there with all her snobby friends. I get home and change my shorts for the red skirt I wear for work. I brush my hair and put it up in a messy bun. I have loads of homework to do so I get started as I have about and hour and a half until im needed at the café. Im just about finished so I grab my phone and my science book and head out the door. I like to get a bit of study in if I have time. The cafés just a few minutes walk down the road but im late so I sort of speed walk. When I get in there I see its packed with a lot of kids from school. Great. I walk round the back of the counter and wrap my black apron around my skirt. My uncle owns the café so I got a part time job here to earn some extra cash for college. "Well, about time!" says Marie, shes in charge of the baking here and is like a second mum to me as Ive known her scince I was a baby but she moved here when I was 12.  "Could you get those customers?" she asks and I nod. I turn around and see Mindy and her crew walking towards a window seat. She catches my eye and waggles her fingers. Marie wasn't here yesterday so she didn't see the commotion. "Here," says Julie, whose 24 and is like an older sister to me, she was here yesterday, "I'll get them." "Thanks," I say and turn to wipe down the counter. I hear the bell on the door go and look up expecting another face from school. Instead, a postman comes and hands me a note.

'For the most beautiful angel on the face of the earth," it says. I then look up to the counter and see a red rose with the bottom quarter wrapped in tinfoil. Wow. Joey was sweeter than I thought.

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