The Story Of Marcel

Marcel always had it hard in school. Everyone judged him on his clothes and glasses and what he looked like. They never got to know what was on the inside which was a really sweet boy, until a surprise turns up one day at school.


4. Awkwardness Already!

I wake up feeling happier than I have in ages. I pull on a light green and grey sweater vest over my white shirt. I go downstairs and smell pancakes. "Thanks mum!" I say to my mum. She knows all about Hazel and is happy I finally found a friend. I scoff down my pancakes and rush to the bus stop. I get on and see Hazel. Shes in a white flowy shirt with light green shorts and black converse. She has her hair down the side in a fishtail plait which looks amazing with her long hair and then a fake daisy chain around her head. She sees me and waves. I wave back. "Hey! Look we're matching!" she says laughing. "You look great," I say without stopping myself. Im not sure but I think I see her blush. "Thanks," she says. We laugh and joke around on the bus until we get to school. Ive noticed Hazel doesn't wear an inch of make-up which I love. "Um, Marcel, I need to ask you something," says Hazel. "Sure!" I say but as she begins I see Mindy walking across to the school. She looks amazing with her short hair and small skirt and dark eyes. "Hang on!" I say and run off towards mindy. I see Hazel running after me. When I get up to mindy I see her look at Hazel. "Well, look who it is, little miss 'I refuse to serve'" says mindy and all her friends laugh. I see Hazels eye get a little bigger. "Well, I believe in human rights, and you for one didn't deserve to be served," says Hazel. "Yeah, well look on the bright side, your waitress outfit is SO cute," says Mindy as she pretends to throw up. "I don't need to listen to this," says Hazel. "Why did we have to come to her Marcel?" she asks. "Well its about the dance," I say and see Hazels eyes light up. "Yeah?" she says. "Well, M-mindy, I was w-w-wondering I-f you would go w-with me?" I say looking down at my shoes. I look at Hazel and she looks as if shes just seen a puppy get shot. Mindy seems to notice too. I wonder whats wrong? Mindy just smiles. "Well, i'd love too but I don't go out with people who are friends with the worlds worst waitress so no, sorry," she says even though she doesn't look sorry. Then I realise, its all Hazels fault! Ive only known her a day and shes ruined my one chance at being with Mindy. I turn to face her. "Well thanks Hazel!" I shout, Ive never felt like this before, this angry! She just looks at me and runs off into the girls bathroom. I don't care, shes ruined my one true love. My one chance with Mindy Crawford. I don't see what she has to be upset about. Im usually so calm, nervous, not being able to talk to anyone. And for one day, yesterday, I felt I could be happy. I guess not. Im back to my lonely jittery self.

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