The Story Of Marcel

Marcel always had it hard in school. Everyone judged him on his clothes and glasses and what he looked like. They never got to know what was on the inside which was a really sweet boy, until a surprise turns up one day at school.


1. Another Day of school, or not.

School was hard, but after the first few years, sadly, you get used to the name calling and shoving and things being thrown at you in class. Im smart and I get really good grades and im planning on going somewhere and doing something with my life. Unlike Joey Johnson, the popular jock. He may get all the girls and all the friends and he never had to worry about fitting in, but he wont be going to college or university. Speaking of Joey here he comes walking down the hallway. I quickly turn and pretend to be getting books out of my locker and try to be invisible but I see a shadow form over me. "Hey, Marcel," I hear a deep voice say. I turn around slowely. "H-hello J-j-joey," I stutter pushing by glasses up my nose. Big mistake. "You got yourself a new pair of glasses, I see. What happened to your last pair?" he asks even though he knows exactly what happened to them as he broke them. I look past him and see a small crowd beginning to form. My palms begin to sweat as does my forehead, which happens when I get nervous. "Lets remind the crowd what happened to your last pair of glasses," says Joey with a smile. "N-no, P-please d-d-don't," I say. But I know its no use. He grabs me by the top of my sweater vest and pushes me into the lockers. Then trips me onto the floor and starts messing around with my hair and while my spine is breaking with him sitting on my back he takes off my glasses and snaps them in half. He then turns me around and punches me in the stomach winding me. I brace myself for a kick in the side when I hear a voice. "Hey! Leave him alone!" I can make out a girl walking towards us. "Well hello hottie," says Joey. Its repulsive how he treats women. "Back off," she says and I can make out him raising his hands. Theres a few wolf whistles but then as joey tries to put an arm around the girl I see her shove him off. Theres a moment where I guess joey is making a face or some emotion is showing but then he leaves for class as does everyone else. The girl bends down beside me. "Here," she says and I make out a glasses case. I try to open it and she giggles. "Hang on," and she opens the case and puts the glasses on for me. "Thanks," I say. I look up to take a good look at her and I think I seize to breathe for a few seconds as I could swear I was looking at an angel.

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