One and then Two

An eight year old girl got wings. Now she's fifteen, flying at night for the thrill of it and convinced there's another like her doing the same. On her quest to find them, she must be careful not to reveal what she is.


19. The Bat Tunnel

I flew to the caves, my wings beating silently in the air as I breathed in the cool air. I landed softly, my feet barely even making a noise before walking over to the mouth of the tunnel. I could see that Fynn was already there, his body leaning against the rock face.

"Thought you weren't coming," he said as I approached..

I ran the last few steps towards him and kissed him deeply. He held my chin with one hand while sliding the other to the small of my back. I felt whole once we were together and unstoppable. 

"Sorry, my parents hadn't gone to bed yet and I thought it was too risky," I mumbled against his lips. He smiled a little, his eyes creasing. 

"I'm just glad you're here now," he replied. 

Suddenly, a net sprung out of nowhere, enveloping me and lifting me high. I looked down at Fynn as I squealed, only to see him looking up with a smirk on his face. Why wasn't he helping me? Why was there a net in the woods and why was I caught in it?

"Fynn! Help!" I yelled. He simply stood there, looking at me with pity before walking away. 

Why was he walking away!?

"Fynn! Fynn! Where are you going!? What's happening!?"


I continued yelling and shouting but he didn't turn around. I was so confused; why wasn't he helping me? 

My stomach sunk as I began to contemplate that this could all be a trap, a set up.


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