One and then Two

An eight year old girl got wings. Now she's fifteen, flying at night for the thrill of it and convinced there's another like her doing the same. On her quest to find them, she must be careful not to reveal what she is.


16. School

After what happened the day before, I didn't know how to act in Mr Meyer's class. I walked in to the class and sat at my normal seat. I must have been a little early because Fynn wasn't there. Minutes later, Mr Meyers took attendance but Fynn still wasn't there. I must have gotten him sick yesterday. 

Class ended, seemingly taking much longer when there was no Fynn. I texted him, sending it to the contact he's added the other day.

You ok? Sorry if I got you sick yesterday :(

The day passed and no reply came. I decided to do what he did for me and go over to check on him after school. Plus, after yesterday, I really couldn't think about anything but him. I biked over to the bus stop he'd gotten off of and then to his house. It was a cute house, white panelling, an oak door and flowers decorating the sides of the driveway. I knocked a couple times but there was no answer. I knocked again but accidentally pushed it open. I poked my head in, unsure of what to do, and called into the house, "Hello? Is anyone here? Fynn?" 

No answer came from the house but I heard a small scuffle from the floor above. I stepped into the house, shutting the door behind me and slowly made my way up the stairs. Light was streaming in through the windows and so I didn't feel afraid. The fourth stair creaked, making me wince and stay still for a few moments. I heard a window open and so I ran towards the noise. 

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