One and then Two

An eight year old girl got wings. Now she's fifteen, flying at night for the thrill of it and convinced there's another like her doing the same. On her quest to find them, she must be careful not to reveal what she is.


6. Meet Me At the Bat Tunnel

I waited at the tunnel at midnight, flying as high as I dared to look for the mystery flyer. They showed up around half and hour later. They had a similar outfit but I could tell they were male. His shoulders were far too broad and his physique all too muscular. His wings were beautiful. They were similar to mine but were black, fading to grey and then to pure white. 

I dared to fly a little closer, hoping to catch a glimpse of their face, but he beat me to it. Mr Mystery swooped in, coming within reaching distance. I took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. It was Fynn. My heart stopped but I could tell his had too. He had recognised me. We stayed that way for a while, suspended not only in the air, but also in time. No one else existed at that moment. Fynn suddenly pulled me close, held my head between his hands, and he kissed me. Our wings set us on the ground and then wrapped around us, putting us in a cocoon of feathers. His eyes looked deep into mine and said that he was so glad he had found me. I couldn't believe it, but at the same time, I could. 

He murmured something unintelligible on my lips and I pulled him closer. He pulled away to look at me and in his eyes all I could see was wonder. His mouth formed a single word, "When?"

I immediately knew what he meant; when did I get my wings?

"I was eight. You?" 

"The same. God I can't believe this. It's like I'm dreaming. You know I was going to ask you out tomorrow?" he replied, giving me a little lopsided grin that churned my stomach. I smiled, amused at how strange ordinary life sounded now I had someone to share my other life with. It was as though having him with me made it all real. I grabbed his hand and unfurled my wings.

"I've never flown with anyone before," he said to me.

"Neither have I so I suppose it'll be an experience for both of us."

I can now say with the utmost certainty that flying is something that is meant to be done together. We took off and our wings eventually began to beat in sync. He fly above me at times while I flew upside down and we attempted something really crazy- the in air kiss. It is possible and, while I have almost nothing to compare it to, it is the only way a couple should kiss if they want the thrill factor and the 'oh my gosh I might fly into a tree while I'm not looking' factor. 

It was the best night of my life. 

Probably because it was all a dream and I had dozed off while waiting for him. I know, I take professional to a whole new level. So while I'd been drooling, I'd missed my mystery flyer and had wasted the opportunity. 


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