One and then Two

An eight year old girl got wings. Now she's fifteen, flying at night for the thrill of it and convinced there's another like her doing the same. On her quest to find them, she must be careful not to reveal what she is.


9. After Class

I walked out of class, still stewing from Mr Meyers cutting off Fynn once again and leaving me wondering what he was going to say.

"Hey, Alex, wait up!" called Fynn from inside the doorway. I turned around and saw him jogging towards me.

"So you free this weekend? Want to see a movie, maybe?" he asked. My heart sped up a little and I nodded. Seeing my nervousness, Fynn smiled a little and handed me his phone. 

"Add your number and I'll add mine on your phone?" he asked. I slid mine out of my pocket and handed it to him, his hand lingering a little in mine. 

I got my phone back with one extra contact: Fynn :)

He walked away, waving, as I watched him disappear into another classroom. Once he was gone, I leaned on the lockers, taking a huge breath and exhaling a little shakily. 

"Alex, lets get a move on, can't be late for Ms Nichols," Selena told me as she came up behind me.

I grinned as I readied myself for telling her about Fynn. She would freak out.

"Hey so, Sel, remember that new guy? Well I'm in his class in History and we started talking and... he kind of asked me out!" 

I was cut off by the most excited squeal and round of bouncing coming from her. I guess she was excited too. 

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