Why does he want me?

McKenzee is 18 she doesn't have the cutes or the most expensive clothes. She her self is not cutest either she has curly blonde hair and blue eyes and is short. She doesn't have much friends. Her parents died when she was young now she lives in a abusive foster home it's her 10th year there she hates her life the only reson she is still alive is because wen she was 8 yeas old her mom told her that she wanted her to grow up and find a boy that she loves and have a beautiful family. But no one likes her. She has to get up everyday and go to school she is a senior in high school and the "bad kids" are always in the parking lot but one of them always try's to talk to her who will it be? Will she push him away because of her abusive life or except his love?


3. Who walked in😮

     "Justin!" Mckenzee whispered to her self she Tryed to look strong but she wasnt able to be cause of ur shity life at home so she just kept helping the rest if the customers get their drinks. Once she finessed giving her next customer their drink the next customer was sure to order something different it was Justin. "Hey beautiful, so to night is Friday you know what goes on around are parts on Fridays right?" He asked pointing to his friends with a slight smile "no I dont sorry..." mckenzee said hesitantly and quietly to Justin " well I guesse you are just gunna have to find out" he said winking at her mckenzee shook her  head no then Justin shook his head ok. They all left mckenzee finished up her shift then whent to the bus stop to wait for the bus to go back to the hell hole she called home as someone grabbed her and cover her eyes and mouth so he could scream or see who it was she fainted from being scared so bad and next thing she knew she woke up in a room she had never seen before.


hey it's mckenzee so were do you thibk she is and just want u to know even thoe I only have 18 readers it is really exciting so keep commenting and letting me know hat u thi k thanks girlys <3


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