Why does he want me?

McKenzee is 18 she doesn't have the cutes or the most expensive clothes. She her self is not cutest either she has curly blonde hair and blue eyes and is short. She doesn't have much friends. Her parents died when she was young now she lives in a abusive foster home it's her 10th year there she hates her life the only reson she is still alive is because wen she was 8 yeas old her mom told her that she wanted her to grow up and find a boy that she loves and have a beautiful family. But no one likes her. She has to get up everyday and go to school she is a senior in high school and the "bad kids" are always in the parking lot but one of them always try's to talk to her who will it be? Will she push him away because of her abusive life or except his love?


4. ()()()()Stolen for fun()()()()()

     She then heard a fimilar male voice "Morning babe" said the fimiliar voice sweetly and genuinely. McKenzees vision was starting to focus in on this tall muscular figure. "Justin?" She asked weekly. 

 Justin: yea it's me listen there's just something about you that I want to find out. Justin whent to touch one of her bruises softly mkenzee flinched 

Justin:don't worrie I am not gunna hurt u are u ok?

mckenzee shook her head yes right as he finished the sentence. Because she didnt want him to know about her abusive life.

mckenee: were am I?

She asked weakly Justin just admired her for a second mckenzee didn't know what to do so she just stared back into his eyes it was like nuthing she had ever felt before she had this electrical feeling shoot right through her as she stared in to his hazel brown eyes.

Justin: Right were I want you to be

he said and winked but then he wen to get on stop of mckenzee she versed up in a ball then just sawyer shoulders then he knew wat was happening to her at home he knew she was getting beat so he asked her she shook her head no Justin just say there and finally said........


hey girlys it's mckenzee why do you think her told her dose he get beat do his mom or Simone he loves his best friend you never know ;) just keep commenting and favoriting and becoming a fan thanks girlys <3 <3 <3 <3


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