Why does he want me?

McKenzee is 18 she doesn't have the cutes or the most expensive clothes. She her self is not cutest either she has curly blonde hair and blue eyes and is short. She doesn't have much friends. Her parents died when she was young now she lives in a abusive foster home it's her 10th year there she hates her life the only reson she is still alive is because wen she was 8 yeas old her mom told her that she wanted her to grow up and find a boy that she loves and have a beautiful family. But no one likes her. She has to get up everyday and go to school she is a senior in high school and the "bad kids" are always in the parking lot but one of them always try's to talk to her who will it be? Will she push him away because of her abusive life or except his love?


5. Mckenzee and Justin something or nothing?

     Justin: Mckenzee I know what's going on at ur house..... I know ur Foster parents hit you ad abuse you cause I used to get hit like that when I was younger and I used to flinch at the slightest touch to its ok you an trust me I am not that big jerk everyone makes me out to be I just do it to do it I am not quit sure why but I do and I really like you so if you would just trust me for one night to help you escape that life at home and have a little fun with me please just try this one time and if you dot like it you can tell me and we can do something els...
Justin held out his hand with a sensier look on his face McKenzee slowly put her hand in his he help her up and they both walked out of the room that turned out to be his garage and there was tons of people in his house loud music and people having fun, dancing, drinking, talking, and just going crazy mckenzee smiled happy that she choose to trust Justin just put is arm around her McKenzee surprisingly didn't flinch she felt happy wen he did this so she looked up at him and he looked at her she giggled as he looked away McKenzee said 
Mckenzee: Justin? I have never been to a party like this.,... 
Mckenzee shouted over the music as loud as she could smiling she was genuinely happy that night.
Justin: well there's always a first time for evrything so let's go!
Just yelled over the music and grabbed her hand and took her to dance they dance for a while it felt like hours and it was a good hour and a half McKenzee never really danced so she just watched a girl dance over Justin's shoulder and did what ever she did McKenzee was actually really good justin was smiling and staring at her body the entire time finally Justin took McKenzee over to a tall girl wearing the cutest out fit ever Justin tapped her shoulder the girl turned around 
Justin: hey Harika this is my friend McKenzee.
Harika waved 
Harika: justin please i know you nevr just have a friend that you hold hands witha and rap ur arm around haha any ways..,Hi mckenzee my name is Harika dhe shooke her hand and smiled at her McKenzee thought she was beautiful 
Harika: you have really pretty eyes!
She said smiling
Mckenzee: thank you nice meeting you. 
Mckenzee said shyly she dosnt like meeting new people.
Harika:you to!
She said waving as Justin and mckenzee walked away 
Justin:hey wanna go up to my room you look really tired?
Justin asked sweetly mckenzee didn't know what to say because if she didnt go home tonight she never would go back be case if wat her asshole foster parents would do to her even tjoe she was 18 so she just looked at Justin and said......
Hey girlys it's mckenzee what do you think she said and I am so happy evry day I am getting not likes favorites comments and readers thank you so much keep commenting caz if I do t get comments I do t up date thanks girlys <3 <3 <3<3


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