Why does he want me?

McKenzee is 18 she doesn't have the cutes or the most expensive clothes. She her self is not cutest either she has curly blonde hair and blue eyes and is short. She doesn't have much friends. Her parents died when she was young now she lives in a abusive foster home it's her 10th year there she hates her life the only reson she is still alive is because wen she was 8 yeas old her mom told her that she wanted her to grow up and find a boy that she loves and have a beautiful family. But no one likes her. She has to get up everyday and go to school she is a senior in high school and the "bad kids" are always in the parking lot but one of them always try's to talk to her who will it be? Will she push him away because of her abusive life or except his love?


6. Love starts <3

Mckenzee: but if I don't go back to night i never will be allowed.... She said acwardly to Justin while she looked up to him with her ocean blue eyes you could see Justin just get lost inside of them. Justin: then stay here with me.. He said trying to convince McKenzee the tone in his voice sounded like he really wanted her to stay with him he sounded like he cared about her and McKenzee didn't notice of course caz she had only had that once along time ago from her mom. Mckenzee:ummmm I don't know.... Justin: you will have no worries you can stay with me and I can tell you some stuff no one eles know but me am the crew..... Please? Mckenzee:okay but where will I sleep? Justin just smiled and looked at the ground and glanced up at her McKenzee just gazed in to his hazel brown eyes they both knew something was different Justin knew he was falling in love with her and McKenzee surprisingly knew what was happening to. Justin:With me haha I will make you feel safe Mckenzee actually liked the idea because she actually really liked justin but never wanted to admit it so she thought about this and looked back at Justin with a slight smile... Mckenzee:okay... She said smiling at Justin and he smiled back at her Justin: well then let me take to my room and we can cuddle. He sad winking mckenzee knew he meant more than just cuddling if you know what I mean ������������������������ They made it to the room And...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey gurlys so what do you thinks gunna happen between those to and this will probly give it away but the next chapter is for mature audience only I am not gunna say this again so this book is rated mature audience so Coment what you think about the story and FYI mckenzee is a lil tipsy just sayin so is Justin &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 XOXOXO mckenzee
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