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1. Megan and Zayn

Megan's P.O.V.

"So, what do you wanna do today, Meg?",my best friend, Zayn, asked me. I've had some feelings for him but I didn't have the freaking guts to do it. "Um, maybe we could get some hair products?",I suggested. Just so you know, both of us love hair products; we'd do anything for it! "Okay,let's go", he said as he grabbed my hand and reached for the door. He turned on the car and we were off.

Zayn's P.O.V.

Man, Megan's personality gets me tingly. I want her to be my girlfriend but I don't want to ruin our friendship. I decided to lower the radio and slow the car down. "Zayn, what are you doing?", she said. The car was silent. *Sigh* "Look, Megan, ever since our moms made us play together, I've had feelings for you; I always wanted to tell you but I was too worried about our friendship.",I looked down in regret for telling it to her. There was silence, but then Megan broke it," Me too, Zayn." I looked up and she was serious about what she said. "Will you be my girlfriend?", I nervously said. "Y-Yes, Zayn! I've been waiting for you to ask me that!", she said,wrapping her arms around my neck. We forgot about the hair product trip since we went home directly. Finally, she's mine! "I love you Meggy!"  "I love you too, Zaynie!", she said. And we cuddled for the rest of the day.






I hope you enjoyed this. If you want one, please request some. If you want to be a CO-AUTHOR, just tell me.


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