Snow is forever

I got up and walked into the bathroom. I gasped as I looked at the black haired girl in the mirror. I looked down at my hair in shock and felt it. "This is impossible," I mumbled to myself. I clearly remembered going and getting my hair dyed last week. I examined my face too. It looked perfect. I examined where that pimple was on my face yesterday, there was no trace of it. No trace of me ever having imperfections. I turned the water on and got it as cold as it could be, which strangely didn't feel like it was any different than warm I might add, and splashed my face with it repeatedly. When I looked up in the mirror again I saw a familiar smirk and curls. Everything came flooding back.


2. Going crazy

"I'm almost there calm down,"I told Leah "You know it takes a while to get to your house"

"There are five guys here that look oddly familiar but, I don't know where from" said Leah 

"So you need my help finding out where they are from?"

"Yessss, hurry the curly one just left!"

"Bye" I hung up on her. Sometimes she just gets carried away with things. 

I turned on the radio and Right Now by Rihanna is on

"So close I can taste you,

Ain't scared I can take you

Cant fight the feeling 

You got me feeling

You got me feeling" I sing as I pass a street light 

When I look under the streetlight I thought I saw someone standing under it, leaning against the light pole staring at my car window but, when I look back I don't see anyone standing there. 

"Snow you're loosing it" I chuckle and shake my head. 

I look back over to the streetlight and leaning against the pole is the same man staring at my car window again but, this time he is smirking. Right when I'm about to turn away to look at the  road I see him turn his head to the jogging woman in front of him. I blink and look again and he is walking and talking with the woman. I sigh and turn back to the road. To think I thought he was some creeper..... Wait I just blinked he couldn't have ran that fast. I slowly turn my head back in the direction of the streetlight. He and the girl wasn't there. All that was left was a few drops of what looked like blood. 

I turn into Leah's driveway. And just sit there for a moment trying to figure out what just happened. He was there and then he wasn't. Then she was there and he was there and then they weren't there. I get out of my car and can already hear the music.

I walk into the house and I am very over whelmed. Leah's whole house was already black and white. She had black and white balloons all over the floor and rose petals on the floor. She also h had iridescent snowflake decals on the walls. 

I looked around to find Leah and when i couldn't find her I started walking, taking in the breathtaking job she did decorating her house. I saw her in the kitchen. So I walked up to her. 

"Leah, this is beautiful" I say as I pull her close for a hug. 

"Thanks babe it's not that big of a deal" she smiles

"Oh my goodness yes it is" I squeal

"I don't know where the curly one went but he was the cutest" she whispers to me

"What" I question

"Those boys I was talking about they are right over there" Leah discreetly points to for boys. Who look really really familiar. 

"Do you not know who they are!" I whisper harshly at Leah

"don't know who, who are" a deep rough voice comes from behind me. I turn, only to find the streetlamp guy is standing right behind me. So close I could feel how cold he was, through his jacket. 

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