Snow is forever

I got up and walked into the bathroom. I gasped as I looked at the black haired girl in the mirror. I looked down at my hair in shock and felt it. "This is impossible," I mumbled to myself. I clearly remembered going and getting my hair dyed last week. I examined my face too. It looked perfect. I examined where that pimple was on my face yesterday, there was no trace of it. No trace of me ever having imperfections. I turned the water on and got it as cold as it could be, which strangely didn't feel like it was any different than warm I might add, and splashed my face with it repeatedly. When I looked up in the mirror again I saw a familiar smirk and curls. Everything came flooding back.


1. Forgotten Birthday

"Ugh" I groan as I lean over to turn off my alarm. "I'm going to find whoever made the first alarm and shove it up his a-" I started to say before I got cut off by my phone buzzing. I look at my phone and I see I got a message from my best friend Leah. 


From Lealo-

Hey hot stuff(; you ready for your birthday party?!?

To Lealo-

Ohmygoodness I totally forgot it was my birthday! I'll be ready in a hour!


You're probably lost right now. My name is Snow Marie White. Yeah I know, Snow White. My natural hair color is black. But when my parents died in a car crash when I was 12 I decided I needed a new look so I died my hair platinum blonde. That's the color it is right now, I've died it light brown, dark brown, red. But I always go back to platinum, it just fits me best. As you already know my best friend is Leah. She is two years older than me which makes her 19. We met in high school when she found me in the bathroom crying. Great way to find a friend right. 

Anyway I know you are also  probably wondering how you forget your own birthday but, ever since my parents died I found no use in birthdays if they can't celebrate it with me then why should I. This has been going on for five years, so it's a hard habit to break. I used to just think of it as just another day, that was until two years ago when I discovered Leah. Leah has natural  red hair that is just a little longer than her shoulders, I envy her for her naturally straight hair, she also has tons of freckles and pale skin. She lives to party but not in that sluty way,you know. As I was saying she loves to party and she thinks that having a birthday is just the best excuse to have a party. Last year when we had one I wasn't sure about it but it turned out to be fun, so I thought why not this year too. 

I got up and went into the ensuite to shower. I got out of the shower and put on a crop top that   ended at my belly button it is white with pink roses on it and i put on a pale pink chiffon skirt that is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Then I got started on my makeup I put on a light layer of foundation on my pale skin and put on light pink shimmery eyeshadow. I put on eyeliner halfway and winged it at the end. Then I put on mascara and pale pink lipstick. I blow dried my platinum blond hair, that ended under my rib cage, and loosely curled the tips of my hair.

i put on some tan wedges and a gold infinity necklace. Then I texted Leah to tell her I was just leaving. 


To Lealo-

Hey babe just now leaving be at your flat in a few minutes!!((:

From Lealo-

K see you! There are some cute guys here!(; especially this one with curly hair. Smokinnnn. 


I grab my purse, it is light grey tan with a long gold chain strap on it, and put it over my shoulder. I walk out of the house and lock the door then i walk quickly and jump into my purple Mini Cooper and start to Leah's flat. 



*authors note*

Hey guyysss!(:

i just wanted to say thank you for reading this first chapter! This is basically my first story thing so tell me if you liked it. And if you didn't then just keep that to your self (: I don't really know what I'm doing lol I just really wanted to write so this is what I came up with so I hope you enjoy! Ill try to post once a week or more!




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