Styles Brothers

Three well known triplets throughout Cheshire have their eye on one girl from America, named Angel. There is Harry , the musical, funny , out going,all around good guy, with a hint of bad boy. Harry has shared his share of one night stands but not nearly as many as his brother, Edward. Edward is better known as 'The Styles Demon'. Edward is a massive player, a huge egoistic freak , mysterious , flirty prick. The kind of guy fathers would never want their daughter to meet. Then there is Marcel, little Marcel is the nerdyest of them all. As nerdy as they come actually. Always reading and studying and never in trouble , the kind of boy you see get bullied everyday. The goody goody. Everyone sees angel as ...well an Angel , who she really is only few know . So what happens when her secret moves to Chesire and she has to move with it? Then she meets the Styles brothers. What then?


9. Gang Wars

This chapter may be a bit explicit for you children so umm yeah younginns skip this one. There will be a recap next chapter on this one.

Angel's p.o.v

"Logan, I need you to get all the females and children and put them into the safe room,now" I barked my command , loading up my weaponry on to my body. He nodded and went to do so.

My gang is for the most part about protection. The women are usually the men's family or girlfriends in danger , just like the children. We got a call from the King's gang, and apparently , the most powerful gang in Europe wants to be allies to the most powerful gang in North America, us , the pas de pitié gang ( no mercy ) , ángeles sin alma gang ( soulless angels ) , or as we call ourselves the Dark Angel gang. With this in mind it reminded me this move is only temporary.

This could merely be a set up, we take no chances. "Niall , Load the truck " I demanded while grabbing the address of the gang house.

I jogged to the wall intercom and spoke into it. "All fighters needed report to main hall immediately" my voice held power and assertiveness. The triumphant thuds of shoes hitting the ground echoed throughout the house.

In a matter of minutes all 5 of my men stood before me.

"The few of you will be heading with Niall, Mackenzie , Layla , Haley , Liam, Logan and myself to meet with the Kings . If any of you choose to back down , leave now." I gazed at each and every one of their hard , cold, stone faces. No one so much as batted an eye lash. "Perfect, I assume you have loaded up , so go to the front where the car is out front ." I tossed the keys to Keegan. "You follow my car " He nodded curtly. "Dismissed" I boomed. They moved in sync to the front door.

"Boss, the protected have been moved" Logan reported. I nodded in response.

" We are leaving now. "


My gold and silver Camero pulled into the Kings driveway. I opened my door in sync with the other three. From the passenger side came Niall, behind him came Layla and Hal , behind me emerged Mack.

The doors slammed with ease after I retreated from my car. Everyone had their game face on. Out the 2014 BMW emerged my fighters. The black Camero held Liam and Logan. I could hear my black combat boots hit the ground step after step. I walked to the mahogany door , tugged on my leather jacket and flipped my hair off of my shoulder before ringing the doorbell. I stood in front as everyone filed into and organized pattern. The knob jiggled before the door opened. Before me stood a very attractive man. For me to say he couldn't attract any woman , would be a lie. His jet black hair was thrown into a messy quiff and his dress was similar to mine. He has a clean white shirt on, exposing every arm tat he had, and Black jeans similar to my own. But damn those electric blue eyes. Dammit and FOCUS!!

"My name is Connor King , leader of the King gang." His heavy British accented voice pierced the nigh, he stuck his hand out . I looked him up and down analyzing him once more, this time looking for a sign of threat. Behind him stood just as many men as I had. Silence. No threat apparent. We locked eyes and it was clear that I had him weak to the knees. I could see it in his eyes, along with the shock. I could cut the tension with a knife. There was a dash of love in the air I guess you could say, but I kept my icy stare , emotionless face and cold look. We stood there a minute before I spoke.

" Angel Taylor," I stuck my hand out to meet his. "leader or the Dark Angel gan-" I could here to stifled laughter from someone inside his gang house. A low feral growl escaped my lips.

"Please excuse my member , he tends to believe only men have the power to run a successful anything." Connor apologized in place of the scumbag. Moving past the door to allow us to enter. With a subtle nod Logan and the gang entered each facing a member of the King gang. Two lines were formed one by the opposing gang and one by mines.

"King , I don't take disrespect lightly" I responded to his apology not cracking a smile, only stepping inside the bright white room. My head towards the son of a bitch who made the snide remark. I could hear the door close.

"I am aware Angel, my members were taught respect ." He replied taking a step behind me.

"Respect only to men?" I with a hint of anger. Disrespected by a nobody.

"No ma'am , to all." He replied with authority in his voice, in his failed attempt to block the laughter from the same Blondie. I was officially beyond pissed. I walked between the two lines, stopping in front of the laughing Blondie.

"Something funny ,Blondie?" I had venom laced in my voice. I ran my hand through my curled hair.

"Yes. I struggle to figure out how a tiny girl like you managed to have a powerful gang most powerful in North America really. I heard you are about to have Asia too. I see all of these men , looking a bit conquering and I wonder why they don't run the gang. They could do a much better job. They are men after all. Even I could do better. " He spoke harshly, just not harsh enough to break through my cold exterior.

"Is that a challenge or a threat?" I asked steeping closer to him. The once confident look on his face vanished , replaced with a look of uncertainty.

"Neither , I-I was just-"

"You were just what?" I shouted. He didn't answer , just bowed his head in submission.

"That's what I thought" I snapped. I moved back and stalked back to Connor.

"As I was saying" I snapped back to 'nice' meaning neutral mood. I extended my hand once again towards the very patient man. "Angel Taylor , leader of the Dark Angel gang." He stuck his hand out and shook mine. He pulled me towards him and wrapped his other arm around me, on instinct I pulled my gun out and put it to his stomach.

"Well Ms. Taylor , I like the way you work." He whispered against my ear , sending unnoticeable shivers down my spine. I felt his warm lips right under my ear. Luckily , dealing with Edward and other gang exchanges I managed to look unaffected on the outside.

I switched the roles lightning fast. I planted a soft kiss at the top of his ear causing him to let out a soft moan. I mentally pat myself on the back for making him so weak at his knees.

"Then this alliance can go a long way. " I whispered just as soft kissing his ear once more causing him to grunt and shift.

I put my gun back and smirked. I turned back to the gawking Kings gang.

I guess no one can bring Mr.King down like I can. I stripped my Jacket off and handed it to my dear Niall. I whispered so only he can hear me.

"Please hold this. I promise I will buy you food " He smiled and happily took it.

I turned to Connor, "Lets get to business shall we?"


We sat in the rather large conference room. My gang on one side his on another.

I got straight to the point.

"Now what gang in North America , Asia or South America is after you , and why?" I asked knowingly.Nope that wasn't it. "Who said we were after you?" He shifted again. Bingo.

"We were informed a certain gang in North America , that you planned to take over Europe. Meaning you had to take us out." He explained in a serious business tone. I stared in his stunning blue orbs.

"Now , Darlin' why would I want to do that?" I asked flicking my hair off my shoulder.

He broke the contact first and decided to continue. " Because you have a plan to get back at a certain gang we are allies with."

"Let me guess the Hall gangs from Canada told you were wanted to get back at the Styles gang. Well there's your mistake. The Hall gang fought us for dominance once before and lost causing a bitterness between us. The Styles gang.... If we felt like making them disappear then we would. Simple as that. If you all chose to fight together fine , but in that case your gang would perish in the mix unintentionally. So you think that if we were allies also the alliance you have with us and the Styles gang would prevent you from having to involve your gang. Am I right ?" I summed it up as best as I could on the spot, the uneasiness in his eyes showed I was right.

"I-I can see the feud now. It isn't our battle." He stood up to show dominance.

"They stay the fuck out of the way." I popped ,up my chair flying back. My gang exchanged worried glances between one another.

"How the hell is that possible if it happens in the land I run? On my fucking territory. Fight on your own turf , or is another gang after you too. Is the little Princess scared ? " He shouted at me. Hell No.

"You run? Bitch I was being nice in letting the Kings call this continent theirs, but since it's like that ask your father who didn't kill this gang in mercy. I am pretty sure it was my father. You wanna call this yours and use it against us? A gift we gave as a sign of peace ? Then bring it motherfucker. You wanna claim everything then win it ! I can dispose of any gang I please and yours is on my shit list. You just fucked with the world's most feared gang and now the mafia. " I shouted ten times louder , throwing the table that stood in between us somewhere in the mix.

"Then what the hell are you trying to say ?" He barked feeling a challenge.

"I just said it. I , Angel Taylor , leader of the Black Angel's , known as pás de pitié gang , or the ángeles sin alma gang , declare war upon the K-" A strong pair of arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me back into a hard chest.

"C'mon, Angel. Think about this." I heard Niall's soothing voice coo. As he kissed my forehead. I rarely lose my temper like this in meetings concerning the gang. It was hard for me to think when I wanted something. And right now I wanted to demolish this gang.

"Connor King , Boss doesn't like to feel threatened nor challenged. You stood up to show dominance and she took it as a threat. I can assure you the Dark Angel's weren't plotting against you. We plotted against another gang. Now , I am not sure of the outcome. By disrespecting her , Boss has the urge to show dominance. I highly suggest you never raise your voice at her, disrespect or threaten her , for the outcome will be gruesome. " I heard Logan step in, but I was still killing Connor in my mind.

"We appreciate the invite , but we must leave before a war is declared." Hal spoke exiting the room followed by everyone else but Logan , Niall, and I.

"Alliance denied " I barked , before feeling Niall's and Logan's presence gone . Then his gang left. I was still fuming. I mean how fucking dare h-

I felt lips on mine and they moved softly against mine , until I cooperated. That's when the kiss got rough. It was a fiery kiss, hot and angry. He lifted my legs to his waist which they clung to and I was backed into a wall not breaking the kiss. I felt his bulge push against me has my hands slipped into his hair letting out a slight moan. I felt his lips leave mine and made it was down and around to my ear but I kept my eyes close. The lips moved down to my spot and sucked on it. I let out a louder moan and dropped my hand into his boxers fiddling with his hard on, causing him to groan. I pulled my hand out and just decided to palm him on the outside of the pants. He grunted so loud and smash his lips back to mine.

After a good 5 minutes ,much to my dismay my attacker pulled away. I finally saw him for the first time. Connor!!!

"Sorry about that but seeing you so angry did things to me. Damn you are sexy when you are pissed. Look, I know we are enemies now or whatever, but we should really have sex. Hot, angry, make-up sex." He offered kissing trail down to my burning spot down south.

"Maybe" I smirked , dismounting him going lower to his tent. All I did was lick his pant and he came. I think it had something to do with the fact I was grinding on him , touching him and palming him. He grunted and groaned.

"You make me wanna marry you. "He joked in between moans.

"Bye Connor " I said sexily as I strutted off.

"Come again" He was only half kidding. I knew he wanted me. To bad he can't get me. I will wait till Marcel want to get in between my legs. Wooah I need a cold shower.... Bad.



I posted just like I promised.

No worried this if just a filler chappie.

Love you guys ,


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