Styles Brothers

Three well known triplets throughout Cheshire have their eye on one girl from America, named Angel. There is Harry , the musical, funny , out going,all around good guy, with a hint of bad boy. Harry has shared his share of one night stands but not nearly as many as his brother, Edward. Edward is better known as 'The Styles Demon'. Edward is a massive player, a huge egoistic freak , mysterious , flirty prick. The kind of guy fathers would never want their daughter to meet. Then there is Marcel, little Marcel is the nerdyest of them all. As nerdy as they come actually. Always reading and studying and never in trouble , the kind of boy you see get bullied everyday. The goody goody. Everyone sees angel as ...well an Angel , who she really is only few know . So what happens when her secret moves to Chesire and she has to move with it? Then she meets the Styles brothers. What then?


2. Cheshire


Angel p.o.v

"Girls, we need to move , now" I shouted in our hideout. We have been found by Trent's gang, we don't have a problem with that except for the fact Trent is Layla's psychotic  ex boyfriend. Actually no problem with that , she is just still in love with his crazy ass and refuses to let me kill him!

My three main girls Layla,Haley and Makenzie. 
"We are already packed , the guys are already at the airport , Logan is taking all the weapons on his dad's jet. His jet is landing in Cheshire in 9 hours. Our plane leaves in 15 minutes and we land in Cheshire in 12   hours" Haley reported. 

"The boys already have our bags there,the import is five minutes away by car." I nodded at there well doing. 

I stuffed my hand gun in my back pocket, pulling my shirt over it. 

"I'm going with Logan,make sure Trent is not following us,Layla right now I don't give a flying fuck about your feelings for him. He has endangered everyone here" I spoke sternly, looking at Layla and her broken expression. I really mean it. I am the leader of this gang , not her life , but if her decisions endanger either the gang I step up. She nodded sadly and  went to the gangs car. I went to Logan's room. The real reason I wanted to go with Logan is because he is actually my older brother. 

"Logan, lets go -" I saw Logan on the ground bleeding clutching his stomach,over him stood Ross,one of the guys in Logan's gang. 

I reached for my gun in my back pocket and heard his room door slam. I felt a presence behind me. 

"Where are guys going?" The psycho asked behind me. Trent. 

"None of your damn,motherfucking mother fucking business" Ross slapped me , and as instinct I punched him not flinching nor missing a beat. I pulled out my gun swiftly shooting Trent in his arm and Ross in his head. 

Trent used his other hand and grabbed me by my throat,cutting off my oxygen. Just as fast as I shot him ,I head butted him forcing him to let me go. I turned and sent a backwards kick to his temple knocking him cold. I placed my gun back in my jeans. 

I bent next to Logan. 

"Logan,babe,keep your eyes open for me " I begged tapping his face. He struggled to keep his eyes open. He smiled a little. 

"I'm dying angel" he spoke barley over a whisper. I shook my head and went under his bed to find the first aid kit. Jackpot. I got from under there and went back to bleeding Logan. 

"No your not, me and you against the world remember" A few tears slipped down my cheeks. I pulled his shirt up and saw the huge gash. Stitches. 

"I know angel. I am still going to there for you,just in your time of need"He whispered. I was cleaning his cut and stitching him up. I gave him some water. I kissed his forehead. 

"You can't leave me in this world all alone " I cried,praying I had done it quick enough. "Come on get up with me " I encouraged him slowly pulling him up with his arm around my shoulder. 

He groaned and hopped on one leg with me. 

"Everything is packed in the jet out back."

"Okay I will drive" I insisted. I expected him to put up a fight but he didn't he just nodded. 

***15 hours later ***

We were all unpacked,had our new hide out and in front of my new high school. I am the youngest which is weird because I am the leader, but whatever. 

"Bye Angel" Evan teased practically shoving me out of the car. Layla , Makenzie and Haley gracefully got out of the car in their nerd out fits. I decided we needed to stay hidden. 
"Cunt" I mumbled. I threw my checkered backpack , filled with weapons, over my shoulder, shoving my place iPhone in the back pocket of my black skinny jeans. 

"Bye , little one" Logan called. I waved back to him and turned to the high school. 

I pushed the doors open and walked into the atmosphere hearing my converse hit the tiled floor. 

"Stop" I heard someone plead sounded like a guy. Then I heard a Shizz load of laughing. I went to were I saw the crowd forming. I dropped my bag and pushed through the crowd and saw a boy getting shoved around and hit by some buffer guys. Pricks. 

"He said Stop" I said pushing one of the guys away from him. 

"Whoa , look at that piece of ass" One guy shouted. I just ignored him and pushed the other boys away from the hurt one. I pushed up my fake nerd glasses and straightened my sweater . I grabbed the boys hand and helped him up off of the ground. 

I was pushing us back through the now larger crowd. That was until I felt a sharp pain on my ass. I turned and saw a smirking boy. Wait wasn't I helping him though the crowd. My head snapped to the boy I helped and back to the other. This guy had loads of tats,a lip piercing,gauges and had a curly quiff , oppose from the one who had glasses and no tats in sight and a regular one.

I slapped him. "If you wanna keep that hand I suggest you keep it off my ass" I snapped turning back to the nerdy guy. They have to be twins. I pulled him to my locker. 

"American sassy ass, Sexy" he called.

"Hi,I'm Angel " I smiled sticking my hand out. He stuck his hand out. 

"Marcel. Thank you for helping me " He replied shaking my hand. 



"Mackenzie "

"Was that guy your twin ?" I asked cutting to the chase. 

"Umm ... Yeah except we are triplets. There is me, Harry, and the rude one who hit you,Edward. " He explained. I took in the information. 

"Why do they mess with you ?" I questioned , opening my locker with him on the other side of it. 

"Because I'm a nerd and have no friends. Plus they think I am gay, because I don't play with a girls heart or use them as toys " as he was speaking , I picked up my bag and threw it in my locker,slamming it shut. 

"Oh and I haven't really had a girlfriend" he added quietly. 

" I just don't believe your own brother bully's you it is insane . Not to mention the fact you are way cuter than him. How can you not have had a girlfriend? I mean you are so cute" I interrogated him. His cheeks went red and he looked at the ground and shrugged his shoulder smiling , showing off his cute dimples. 

"Thanks, we should really get to class" He spoke and we agreed. 

*** Lunch ***

I sat my tray at a table with Marcel. As always my instincts were right, he is a amazing guy. Layla , Haley and Makenzie were sitting across from us. 

"Whoa Marcel, snapping u the mew girls before I could even meet them , and one but Edward in check , my kind of girl" I looked up and saw a mop of curls and someone who looked like Edward and Marcel. He has tattoos just not nearly as many as Edward, and no piercings in sight. Must be Harry. 

"Harry go away , you never talk to me in school" Marcel's quiet voice rang in my ears. Confirmed. 

"Marcel you are my brother , you just happen to be the ugly one, but even then I always talk to you at school" Harry shrugged sitting next to me. I looked back to Marcel. 

"I don't know Harry , I've got a thing for cute, nerdy, british guys with glasses. I think he's pretty damn hot if you ask me " I stated looking at Marcel's cheeks reddening by the second.   

"I totally agree " Layla added on. 

"Me too, in America ,nerds are hot " Haley agreed with Makenzie nodding. 

"Whoa Hazza , you can't steal your brothers girls " An familiar voice rang through my ears. 

"Louis?"I questioned looking at the Brit. 

"Angel!!" He screamed picking me up. 

"LouLou you lied to us." I was a bit angry. Louis said he was leaving the gang because he was going to live in Doncaster,why is he in Cheshire. 

"Love,no I didn't. Angel I did live in Doncaster , I moved to Cheshire for senior year. Angel I love you, why would I lie to you?" He said still holding me tight. 

"You know your technically still apart of the gang right ?"I whispered in his ear. 

He nodded "I was going to go back after school ended but it seems like you guys moved here"He whispered back setting me back down. 

"What are you two whispering about. Oh my gosh are you dating Louis?"Makenzie suggested. Me and Lou bursted in laughter. 

"Eww No,I would never date Angel. She is like my sister." He threw a face of disgust towards me. 

"LouLou please you asked me out three times , before we decided to be Bestfriends. Then you asked me out two more times after that" I snickered just remembering the times. 

"Shut up " He yelled putting his hand over my mouth. I just laughed along with everyone else at the table. Them he gave me a confused look. "Wait Angel , why aren't you dressed like you usually do? And why aren't you showing you tats and piercings?"He asked my eyes went wide. 

"What?" I heard Marcel ask. Dammit Louis. 

"Louis what are you talking about? You have always gotten me and Angie confused. I never had any of those things. It was Angie , she was the rebel remember ?" I gave him the 'you better fucking act like you remember' look. 

Realization hit him lIke a brick wall.

"Oh yeah, sorry Angel. " he apologized hugging me. 

"No worries , Lou"I shrugged it off. 

"Who is Angie?" Marcel and Harry asked simultaneously. 

"My sister" I lied. "She died two years ago" I quickly added , may e a little too quickly. 

"Oh , I'm sorry angel"Marcel gave me a sympathetic look. 

"It is okay, really it is " I reassured him.

---Math Class---

"Okay for the assignment , you will have to explain who created square roots and why, you partners are sitting across from you" Shit. I looked ahead of me to see a smirking Edward. Fuck you Mr.Dean, Fuck you. I rolled my eyes and glanced at the clock 4:19. I started packing up , school ends at 4:20. 


"Don't forget , projects do next monday" Great , because I really want to spend my weekend with this ass. 


Ta-Da. What do you think ? This is a bad start huh? Sorry I will do better next time. 

Thanks for reading 

Love you guys,


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