This is a competition entry for Self belief: Vision :)
This is about my aspect of what vision is for me and how it affects the bystanders and people of life. Favourite, like and comment on it if you want since every click counts :)
I tried to make this a poem but my thoughts all seemed to flood out a mess of things and I didn't want to tinker with it just in case it lost any sense of justice so here it is, I hope you like it :)

1. Journey

Incompetence lingers on fragments of broken dreams,

Whilst severity in life falls back on nothing less.

Desperation withdraws certainty and invites the unknown,

Whilst scattered and uncertain all of us are blessed.


The gutters fill with trash as does the seas and rivers,

Reaching the endless waters that stretch out open arms.

The slums of one place may falter under the influence of time,

Whilst the sky will beckon in different areas the broken and wounded souls.


Hostages we are of the never ending cycle,

Where death will always exist and is in the end inevitable. 

But near sight shall always falter before the dancing shadows,

Of disregarded crowns that were bestowed upon us in time.


Nostalgia shall blind the individual of its senses,

As one of the broken fragments shall flash and bind us,

Into a memory of self-control momentarily lost in time.

What may seem endless in a moment,

Shall set the individuals sight on nothingness. 


We live on the verge of looking forward,

And we happily accept the unknown as "luck" or "karma".

But the path that we all walk is ever-shifting and twisting,

For the heart's desires shall rob us of sight and lead us towards another.


The belief of the individual is an untamed beast.


We may feed it fond memories and expose it to the outside world,

But the thirstiness shall prevail in the end.

Self-belief is something that we are all born with,

Whether we acknowledge it or not is completely up to us.


Through the timidness and fragments of lost hopes and aspirations,

Self-belief is what helps us strive forward.

The idea of moving forward is nothing more then deception,

For self-belief is blind and has no sense of direction.


Self-belief is the monster inside of us,

that motivates its owner to keep moving,


to keep searching,


for the unknown.

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