Kidnapped on a normal day (1D fanfic)

Hey its cassy! so i was out with my friend, then came home to my rapist father, for me a normal day. Oh and btw i was also kidnapped by my idols. read to find out! or dont i dont care.


1. chapter 1

Okay okay ill do it, I'll jump. "Good" I hear in my head, or it might of been her yelling at me. I look down at the 300 feet drop as I step on to the edge of the cliff. "Do it!" I hear the voice once again. I couldn't take it any more, I jumped. Wait? No, no, nooo! I jumped into the water not my death! I'm far from a depressed person. Sarah splashed me and I splashed her back. We've been friends since J.K and were in grade 11 now. ( for you who don't like doing math that makes us 17 ) and nothing's about to change that. We're different in a lot of ways though. She's optimistic and always looks on the bright side. I can always seem to find a flaw in something. And yet well never split. No we don't have boyfriends. We made a pact when we were seven. Now that I think about it the pact ends in a week for Sarah cause that's her 18th birthday. Mines a week later. I know she's had her mind on some one so scratch that. I don't have a boyfriend. I live with my dad, my mom left when I was eight. Or should I say arrested and taken away. It turns out she was a drug dealer. My dad didn't mind and I didn't find out until the cops burst in our door. Ya, it is kinda weird my dad didn't mind, unless your me. He abused me since I was seven ( that's why I made Sarah my friend. I needed someone and she was really nice) after my mom was arrested he raped me. And ever since then he did it four times a week. It's a routine for me now. Don't think I don't mind though, I hate him and always will. Though some how I remain happy and not depressed with my life. I'd say I'm a pretty strong person. I actually don't remember ever crying except when I was a baby of course. I still go to school though because my dad doesn't want any suspicion on him. Well that's my life. And this is my story. Enjoy. Oh and my names Cassy btw!
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