The Victor Episode 1: Wolverine vs Baraka

Battles can happen anywhere at anytime. 2 or more forces will collide and only one can be the Victor


1. The Intro

Wolverine is getting back to X Men headquarters from a long day of kicking ass and taking names, he hasn't even broken a sweat. After a rigorous training session Charles Xavier ask Wolverine to come and look at a new device that has been made. It's a machine made to allow transportation across the galaxy and with it we will know if any crime is happening in realms says Xavier. “Sounds interesting, why are you telling me this? “ responds Wolverine. “It is fairly simple. I want you to try it out.. “ says Xavier. Ok fine but lets see if there is any ass that needs to be kicked” Wolverine says smugly. After browsing for awhile Wolverine sees it. Baraka is shoving his claws through a person and is cutting off their arms and legs, lastly cutting off the head. Dr. Xavier is appalled. He hasn't seen this beast like killing in such awhile. Dr. Xavier cautiously says “Maybe we should call the X Men into this.” Wolverine quickly says “No.” and that this man is a killer that should be faced with someone like him. Dr. Xavier tells Wolverine to be careful and within a few seconds of configuring the machine Wolverine jumps in and is sent right in front of Baraka. With one punch Wolverine sends Baraka on his back. Wolverine looks dead into Baraka's monstrous eyes and says “ About time someone gives you a taste of your own medicine.” Baraka stands up and yells “MY BLADES WILL FIND YOUR HEART!!!”  

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