The Victor Episode 1: Wolverine vs Baraka

Battles can happen anywhere at anytime. 2 or more forces will collide and only one can be the Victor


2. The Battle

They run towards each other and start engaging in a series of punches, both countering and blocking very well. Wolverines multiple martial arts come to play as he is able to deliver a quick but powerful punch to Baraka sending him down again. Wolverine laughs and smugly says Is that your best? Baraka gets increasingly angry and jumps up saying viciously “ THIS FIGHT IS NOT OVER”. Baraka draws out his deadly claws. “ This should be fun.” Wolverine says as he immediately takes out his claws. Wolverine and Baraka go back and forth on their claws. Baraka sweeps Wolverine off his feet and cuts through Wolverines front attire. Blood begins to come out of Wolverine. Wolverine jumps up and nails a roundhouse kick which is followed by a fury of punches with the claws, sending them deep into Baraka. Baraka screams out but manages to push Wolverine off, adding a spinning combination of punches with his claws and that only adds to the blood spill. Wolverine is down but just as it looks as Baraka is gonna go for the kill Wolverine launches his claws from his hands into Baraka's chest. Wolverine stands up and goes for the kill only for Baraka to scrape his claws together to create a blast that sends Wolverine back down. Both are in pain. Wolverine tries to hit him again with a launching claw attack but Baraka has grown smart to this and uses his blade blast to send Wolverines claws away. “THEY WILL TASTE YOUR FLESH” Baraka yells out and once again both men are up front, in each others faces throwing blows and numerous kicks. Baraka's blades are able to grip ahold of Wolverine and Baraka goes to slam him down but Wolverine is able to roll out of it. The only thing saving these men are their healing factors. Baraka tries to land a uppercut but is blocked and kicked right in the face for his troubles. Wolverine says loudly to end this. Baraka and him lock up, claws on claws and pressure applied to both weapons. Then Baraka's claws snapped off. Baraka is in a state of confusion and Wolverine thrust his hand through Baraka's chest, going through Baraka's heart. Wolverine says “My blade met your heart and now it's time for another visit.” Wolverine cuts at Baraka's neck multiple times until Baraka has been decapitated. Wolverine is tired from his battle and calls Xavier to send the portal to bring him back before the screen goes to black.

Winner: Wolverine  

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