First Sight Lover?

its about a girl who states that she knows the meaning of love and says she "loves" every guy she talks to.. but could she really find her true first love at first sight and could he be the "hard-to-get" type of guy..


3. Why isnt he answering?.

You finish your dinner and put your plate on the kitchen bench, you kiss your mum on the cheek and thank her for dinner and walked up stairs into your room to approach your mirror again. You take out the plait you did before dinner and your hair has gone completely natural. You stare at yourself in your mirror and keep on switching sides of your face. You know Adrian said not even lip gloss but you couldn't help yourself, you put lip gloss on the other half of your lips and seem pretty pleased with your natural-ish look but still find your glitzed look better. You get your phone and seem pretty upset that Adrian hasn't replied to you yet so you decide to read the whole conversation when you notice you're the one that forgot to message Adrian back! you quickly message him back with 'Im wearing lipgloss babe, but I promise that's all the rest is going to be natural! xo' you send the message and wait for a reply. You find yourself waiting for a reply for quite a while now and you want to message him making sure he's okay but you don't because you feel like you would annoy him, so you just stay hanging.

You realise you've been waiting for 2 hours now so you think he's ignoring you or he's mad at you because you wouldn't stay fully natural but come on! Girls don't ALWAYS have to please boys like they need to feel secure about themselves some how! You start to get yourself really mad because you think he wants everything his way. You start to type a massive rage at him when you decide first to look through your photos to try and find an inspirational quote that might tell you what to do. As you're flicking through your photos you get near the end and see photos of you and Adrian. In one photo he's hugging you, in another he's got his hands on your hips and you were both looking at eachother as if you were going to kiss and then in the last photo-your favourite photo, is of him hugging you from behind kissing you on the cheek. You smile and stare at the photo, you then decide to make it your lock screen.

As soon as you set it as your lock screen you lock your phone and unlock it again looking at the amazing photo. As you're staring at the photo something catches your eye. You unlock your phone and zoom all the way into the photo to see Sam and what looks like Sharni 'hooking in' in the background. You zoom out of the photo and wonder who took the photo of you and Adrian then? You try to rewind your day and you're positive that it was Sharni that took the photo.. So who was Sam 'Hooking in' with?

You try not to think of the background of the photo for a while and bring your thought back to the photo of you and Adrian. You notice a tear running down your cheek and estimate how long its been till Adrian messages back. In your mind its been about 4 and a half hours and you start to think he wasn't the right guy at all, you start thinking he's already got another girl in his eyes then reality hits you and you look at the time. The time reads '12:34 am" and you then realise why Adrian hasn't messaged back! You go to the bathroom, take of your make-up, have a shower, put your PJ's on, check your phone one last time and dose off.


Sorry for not writing for a while! I don't think anyone likes my story! if you do please Comment! I have to have at least  1 comment or 3 likes for me to write the next chapter! :c

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