First Sight Lover?

its about a girl who states that she knows the meaning of love and says she "loves" every guy she talks to.. but could she really find her true first love at first sight and could he be the "hard-to-get" type of guy..


1. Just The Beginning

Its January 6th and you just woke up, you check your phone and see that your bestfriend has been trying to call you all morning. You don't suspect that its 1:00 so you go down stairs and get the cereal out. Your mother stands there, staring at you as if something's wrong with you. You put the cereal on the kitchen bench and stare at your mother trying to figure out why she's staring at you. She takes your phone out of your hand, turns it on, shows you the time then without saying a word she puts the cereal back in the cupboard and gets out bread.

"Why are you up so late?" your mother asks furiously. "Have you been unwell?" she asks as she feels your forehead to see if you have a temperature.

"No mother, I was just tired." you say and you stare at the bread on the table. "Why cant I have cereal still? I've been having a craving for a while, just haven't been bothered to get out of bed." You stand there and hope your mother lets you have cereal. instead, she stands up, puts the bread away and sends you to go get her wallet.

"It's 1:00 darling, just have some money and go down to the shops, Sharni has been trying to get in contact with you all morning, she called me and asked if you were alright. She said you've been ignoring your calls all morning and to send you down to the shops as soon as you wake up. I suggest you call her back and apologise then go get ready, Ill be waiting out in the car for you."

You don't say a word, you grab your phone and call Sharni back, apologising for not answering and explaining that you were asleep and weren't trying to ignore her. You hang up and go to get ready, you pic out your favourite skinny jeans, your pink tank top and your leather jacket. You straighten your hair and start putting your make-up on when your mother beeps the horn, you know she’s getting impatient now so you just grab the make-up, your phone and some money. You throw it in your handbag, grab it and run out the door to the car. You get in the car and apologise to your mother for taking so long and you pull out your make-up and start finishing off your make-up. You look at her in the corner of your eye and see her staring at you as if to say “you’re beautiful just the way you are, you don’t need that crap on your face.” You know if you say something to her staring at you she will make you run inside and take the make-up off so you decide to ignore her. You quickly finish off your make-up and as you finish putting your lip gloss on you rub your lips together and put your make-up away.

“Are you going to drive?” you ask your mother, knowing it’s too late for her to tell you to take it off.

“Ehm, yeah. Okay.. Do you have enough money?” she asks, you know she’s upset but you don’t wanna take it off, you feel so much prettier with it on and you don’t wanna take it off.

“Yeah, I have 20 dollars from the other day that should be enough to last me the day” your mother looks at you and smiles.

“Go into my wallet and get 10 dollars out, you might need stuff, like more crayons to put on your face.”

You both laugh, you know she’s joking but it kinda hurt. You didn’t want to start drama with your mum because you know she’s your happiness.

You arrive at the shops, you kiss your mum on the cheek and get out of the car, your mum slips another 10 dollars into your pocket and says “Go wild chicka, I love you” you just stand there and smile “I love you to mum” you kiss her on the cheek and close the door. Sharni is waiting outside and hugs you, you both walk in and laugh. As you both walk into the shops you see two guys standing there, checking you both out. You couldn’t help but stare at one. You felt this automatic connection with him but you were sure it was probably just you being hungry. Sharni hugs his friend – Sam, and introduced you to Adrian – The one you felt a connection with. You spend the whole day with Adrian, Sam and Sharni and you exchange numbers with the boys. As soon as you get home you receive a text message saying “Hey, its Adrian. You’re so beautiful hun. But please, no make-up next time. I bet you’re just as perfect without it. Xoxo”

You cant stop smiling.. have you fallen inlove or are you just hungry?...

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