First Sight Lover?

its about a girl who states that she knows the meaning of love and says she "loves" every guy she talks to.. but could she really find her true first love at first sight and could he be the "hard-to-get" type of guy..


2. Comparing Yourself...

You reply back with "Aww thanks hun, but no. I don't feel any prettier without it, I actually feel so much uglier! love you though" you hit send, still smiling. You go and make a sandwhich but your body doesn't want it, you cant even take a bite. You throw the sandwhich out to your dog and just stand there, you're sure you haven't fallen fully in love with him. Like, you found him attractive and perfect in every single possible way given but you thought you you knew the feeling of love, you thought it wasn't as strong as what it is now, you thought you had your first love ages ago, you thought you meant it when you said 'I love you' to all the previous boyfriends you had. The worst part of this was, you felt something when you said 'I love you' to Adrian. You felt as if you were going to cry, you dig your head into your pillow, you feel the tears coming and then, your phone vibrates. You lift your head up in an instant second and see "Adrian <3" you smile, the biggest possible smile ever. You open the message, "You don't need to feel any prettier babe, you most definitely aren't ugly without it I bet! please, let me see your amazing face tomorrow? just me and you, no friends, no family, no make-up. Promise me you wont wear make-up? Love you more baby girl <3 xox" You read the message over and over again, your smile gets bigger and bigger every time you read it. You want to reply but something is stopping you, you know you want to see him tomorrow, you are more then happy to be alone with him but you don't want to be seen without make-up on. You feel as if you're about to cry again and he messages you again, "and one more thing babe, you're smile is the most perfect thing I've seen, if you ever feel down message me. I am willing to wake up at 2 in the morning just to come and see your smile, never doubt yourself baby, you're everything to me and we only just met. xoxox" you are now 110% certain he's the right guy. You don't think you've fallen in love with him but you know you've gotten feelings for him, uncontrollable feelings. You reply with "You are my world, nothing will stop me from loving you. I will be more then happy to see you tomorrow, just the two of us, no one else, no friends, family or ... or.. uhhhhh.... or no make-up. no laughing if I look different, I love you more than words can explain. xoxoxoxo" you read the message again, double check for spelling mistakes and check again to see if you sounded too clingy, you read one more time, close your eyes and press send. Within a second he messages you back, "Baby, the only thing that will make me laugh is seeing everyone we walk past being jealous that I have the utter most perfection of a girl anyone will see, no make-up at all. Not even lip gloss. pure natural look! not even your hair curled, straighten or crimped I think is what you girls call it. xoxox"  You smile, once again reading the message over and over again. You think to yourself ' we aren't even dating and he's already my world.' You cant get him out of your mind.

Your mother calls you for dinner and you get up and go downstairs, before you leave your room you take a look in the mirror. You still have make-up on so you decided to take it off on one side, to compare yourself with and without make-up. You want to try a whole natural look and a whole glitzed up look. Your hair was straightened today so you put the natural side in a plait and walked downstairs, half glitzed and half natural.

Your mother looks at you awkwardly but doesn't say a word, she puts your plate in front of you and stares at you again. For starters, half your lips were glossed up and the other half wasn't, one side of your face had foundation on it the other side didn't, one eye had eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara the other eyes wasn't, and your hair, I think you get the point ayy. Anyways, your mother is looking at you, she goes to say something but hold back.

"Im just comparing myself in which way I look better mum" you say, hoping she understands.

"I thought you were hun, let me give you my opinion. Natural, Natural, Natural, Natural and oh yea Natural."

You smile and then hug your mum, "thanks mum, I love you" you say and you finish off your dinner.


sorry it isn't as long, tell me what you think <3!!

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