Harry Styles Is My World

this is about a werewolf that falls in love with harry styles but has an abusive father. What happens when her abusive father hurts her so bad she runs away therefore becoming a rogue? what happens when she finds out harry styles is a werewolf as well? are they mates? read to find out!


1. Macey Wood

Hi im Macey Wood and I am 18 and in love with Harry Styles. I am a werewolf and so is my abusive father. My father is only ever nice to me when it's my birthday, Easter, or Christmas. 3 occasions! and that's like the start, middle and end of the years. My mother lives in Antarctica become she's a winter wolf. My father and I live in Holmes Chapel. Yes, where Harry Styles lives! The only problem is, my father is abusive, he only lets me out of the house when he wants beer and..........I don't have any friends! I absolutely HATE it!! Anyway, I am diagnosed with heterochromia, one of my eyes is light green and the other is light blue, I have white snowy hair as does my mother, I am skinny and I stand at 5foot 9inches. almost as tall as Harry! hehe. umm anyway, I've already shifted and I am a white wolf with one blue eye and one green. so yeah see ya!

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