Harry Styles Is My World

this is about a werewolf that falls in love with harry styles but has an abusive father. What happens when her abusive father hurts her so bad she runs away therefore becoming a rogue? what happens when she finds out harry styles is a werewolf as well? are they mates? read to find out!


3. chapter 2

I've been running for a few hours now and pain is electrocuting my body. I'm sure I just left my pack and entered another's territory. I trip over a tree branch and get engulfed by blackness.

"shh" a male voice says to people mumbling around me "rogue stand up!" I'm guessing the alpha of the pack says. I try but all I do is whimper in pain. A person grabs my shoulder's and turns me over ending me up in screaming in pain "oh my, look at her gashes alpha!" a boys voice says "it's the girl I saw yesterday" the alpha says. My eyes snap open to se One Direction standing around me with Harry right beside me "I-I can't heal myself" I whimper "we know" Louis says kneeling beside me "it's  relative's venom, of course it won't" Louis says "oh" I say feeling strong arms wrap around me lifting me up causing me to whimper and cry again "shh, it's going to be alright" Harry says taking me to the pack house "GEMMA!!" Harry screams as I lay limp in his arms "oh my! MOTHER!!" Gemma screams "yes the bite and the claw scratches need alcohol on it to help her heal "what no!" I say remembering the pain "sorry sweetie" Anne says rubbing alcohol on my wound's "AHH" I scream. Harry soothes me "it's okay it'll be over soon" Harry says.

A/N sorry it's short i'll write a longer one.

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