The season of the irish iris's

18 year old Iris has been friends with Nial horon since she was 2 and Iris has 2 siblings a 13 year old brother named Kaleb and a 17 year old sister named Esmay.They have been abused since iris's parents become drug addicts soon Niall steps in and rescues Iris, but what happens to her siblings?What about the band?What about nail's ex GF Tayllor?


2. The escape of the Iris

Iris woke up to the sound of her dad having sex with another random girl and her mom not home from her strippers job yet, Iris cursed under her breath and mumbled as she got up and tamed the hair on her head and left it naturally curly and then woke up her siblings.Esmay was a mute and never spoke she was the sweetheart but she could kick butt if she needed to, As Esmay woke up she went and got dressed and Iris put on a pair of blue skinnies she wore yesterday and a old worn tank top and a purple hoodie and a pair of blue flip flops while esmay put on a yellow sundress she wore to her boyfriend zayne's house yesterday on while Kaleb was already at school as he had left in a fit of rage earlier that morning.

-----at school------

Iris walked into school getting shoved by some of the meaner popular girls and the nerds tried to prove her she was dumb but iris just kept on walking as she was used to it with her sister esmay behind her.

Iris shouted at zayne to take his girlfriend Esmay as esmay was in tears zayne ran over and held her tightly while iris walked over to niall and talked to him Iris:hey niall niall: hey iris you look good today Iris: thanks zayne I-I-I meen niall.

-------no more my point of vveiw hahahahahhahahhahahahaha lets gi tio esmays-

I cried into zaynes shoulder as her carried me and took me out of school as he went to his house and walked me there it was silent as I couldn't speak and zayne put his arm around me the entire time and when we went into his room we watched a movie and I tried ti talk but I couldn't and I just didn't want to anymore so I cuddled into zayne and signed in signlanguage I love you and that's when he kissed me at first I didn't do nothing but then I kissed him back and that's when it all started

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