The season of the irish iris's

18 year old Iris has been friends with Nial horon since she was 2 and Iris has 2 siblings a 13 year old brother named Kaleb and a 17 year old sister named Esmay.They have been abused since iris's parents become drug addicts soon Niall steps in and rescues Iris, but what happens to her siblings?What about the band?What about nail's ex GF Tayllor?


1. Intro

Iris is a 18 year old girl she has long brown curly hair with blonde highlights she is thin and athletic with green eyes but is abused while her sister 17 year old Esmay has medium nearly white blonde hair and blue eyes and is underweight and is mute and abused and their brother Kaleb is 13 with brown curly hair like harry styles and has blue eyes and is abused also and is normal weight and is popular with the girls but has scars hidden. Iris and Esmay are best buds with one direction.

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