He's my dad

Swaggy! I swear my dad would've named me that of it wasn't for my mom. But that's not the point. I am still Justin Biebers daughter and I'm following in his footsteps. But what happens when I finally meet a few of my dads best friends. Well one direction. What will happen when my dad figures out I'm in love with one of his friends kids and I may not follow in his footsteps. Will our fathers stop us or will they just let us be happy.


3. The bet



Well hi are you ready for my next chapter. Ok good because this chapter was kinda annoying saying I was only in the sixth grade and I still believed in cuties. But hey you'll understand when the chapters through whys it's so annoying.


'Where in the heck is Scotty?' I thought to myself while looking on the playground. I saw Sassy, "Hey Sassy do you know where Sco-" but she cut me off "Over there!"'she said in her sassy voice then walked of with her friends. I walked over to where she pointed "Truth or dare Scotty?" Daniel asked "Dare of course!" Scotty relied. 'Normal Scotty' I thought to myself. Daniel looked up to me "I dare you to ask Lybia out?" He smirked "I-I can't do that she's like a sister to me!" Scotty exclaimed. "That's a dare dude! If you quit truth or dare remember you have to wear the hat of sissys!" Daniel exclaimed looking up at me. Scotty followed his gaze looking at me with a I didn't know look. A tear rolled down my cheek, and I started backing up. "Lybie don't." He pleaded I just turned around and started running torwards the playground equipment. "Dammit Daniel!" I heard Scotty yell and then he started running after me. I felt a strong hand grip my arm and pull me close into a hard flat chest. "Lybia I," he paused "I didn't know! I'm so so so sorry!" He exclaimed then he pulled me into a deep grizzly bear hug. I just put my head in his chest and let my tears rain onto his shirt. "It's a okay." I choked out because of my tears. "I have a question though!" He said releasing me from his strong grip and looking me in the eyes with a I have to ask you look. "Scotty no I am not going to be your girlfriend!" I exclaimed "Why not?!" Scotty questioned. I looked into his eyes and thought for a moment. "One because we're to young and two because it was a dare and it isn't going to be a serious relationship and three because it would mess up our friendship you said it yourself!" I answered hopefully knocking some sense into him. "You know what." He paused scratching his chin and looking in my eyes with a deep gaze "We could fake it!" He said cheekily pointing his index finger at me. "How about no!" I said pointing my finger back at him and gave him a sarcastic smile and started to walk off. "Wait Lybia please!" He pleaded "This means a lot to me, I'm undefeated at truth or dare I can't wear the hat of sissys it'll mess up my curls!". "Scotty I'm sorry but I can't live in a lie you know how I am!" I said sincerely "How will it be living in a lie!" He yelled. I just looked at him "I'm sorry Scotty I can't lie about us being in love because in a few years it won't be a lie!" I yelled and just walked away.

Yup it's true I denied Scotty. Even though it hurt me to I did. It's a good thing I walked away to or I wouldn't of said no. I guess that was just the fort denial the first denial of Lybia Styles.


Hello my friends did yo get the last part it rhymed! But anyway you know what to do please comment fav fan and like. Also if you wanted me to check anything out I will just leave it in the comments. And also yell me what you think so yeah bye bye bye!


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