He's my dad

Swaggy! I swear my dad would've named me that of it wasn't for my mom. But that's not the point. I am still Justin Biebers daughter and I'm following in his footsteps. But what happens when I finally meet a few of my dads best friends. Well one direction. What will happen when my dad figures out I'm in love with one of his friends kids and I may not follow in his footsteps. Will our fathers stop us or will they just let us be happy.


2. My new protector



Well that was just how Scott and me met. This next story is how Scotty put his reputation on the line just to protect me. He had bruises and cut but he still protected and made me feel safe. This boy Scotty Styles was my new protector. He was like my guardian angel.


"Leave me alone Alex!" I yelled "Why you think Scotty gonna come and save you!" Alex laughed. He was such prick back then. "Leave her alone Alex!" Scotty yelled at him "What are you gonna do Scott your a straight A student you can't beat me imma bully!" Alex said with a smirk on his face. Scotty's temper was boiling I could tell by his eyes. Instead of being the normal green they were turning dark gray. "Just remember there's no teacher to save you Scotty boy!" Alex yelled and then he ran over to hit Scotty in the face. I just remembered that we were off school grounds. Scott hit him in his face and again and again. "Scott, Scotty stop. Scotty!" I yelled he didn't stop he just kept hitting Alex in the face. Phone I had my phone I have to call Mr. Styles. I got it out and dialed his number. He didn't answer his cell so I called my dad. "Hello" my dad answered, "Daddy Scotty is in a fight and I tried to stop him but he wo-" but he cut me off. "Where are you at sweetie?" He questioned  "I'm by the school please come help me!" I yelled to him. "Okay I'm on my way I'll call Mr. Styles." And then he hung up not even giving me a chance to say bye. "Scott stop!" I heard Mr. Styles yell to him. Scott looked up to him and then to me. He let go of Alex and then walked over to me. "You called him?!" He screamed "Yes I was ju-" but he cut me off. "You called him! Do you know how much crap I'm gonna be in! I was trying to protect you, and you go off and call them! Really Lybia!" He yelled to me. His eyes widened "I'm sorry Scotty I was just trying to make sure you didn't kill him!" I screamed back to him. A tear rolled down my face "I'm sorry Scotty." I said weakly looking down to my feet."Come here princess I can't be mad at you." Scotty exclaimed, he put his arms out for me to pull in for a hug. "I love you Lybia." He said hugging me "Need a tissue?". I just smiled at him. "I love you too Scotty." Said putting my head in the crook of his neck.

***End of flashback***

Yup that's the time Scotty and me had our first but he still said he wasn't mad at me. He loved me and I loved him not saying that I didn't love him but still. He got trouble but I covered for him . I guess that was just the first fight, the first fight of Lybia Styles.


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