He's my dad

Swaggy! I swear my dad would've named me that of it wasn't for my mom. But that's not the point. I am still Justin Biebers daughter and I'm following in his footsteps. But what happens when I finally meet a few of my dads best friends. Well one direction. What will happen when my dad figures out I'm in love with one of his friends kids and I may not follow in his footsteps. Will our fathers stop us or will they just let us be happy.


1. Hi I'm Lybie



Well hi I'm Lybia Bieber or Styles but you can be the judge of what you call me. Well I'm here to tell you my story. Yup that one the one of me and Mr. Scott Styles being in love but our parent forbid of it. Why they forbid is for you to figure out along the way. My dad, yes Justin Bieber is my dad and the band One Direction are great friends. How do you think I'm married to Scott. Well lets start with my story so maybe it can be put in a book like my dad, but any lets begin.



"You ready sweetie?" My dad asked me. It was my first day of school and my daddy said I'm starting with some of his best friends kids. "Yes daddy I'm ready!" I said finishing my French toast. He picked me up and locked the front door as we walked out and then he put me in his blue Cadillac. "I'm gonna miss my little one while your at school!" He exclaimed to me while a tear rolled down his eye. "Don't cry daddy!" I whispered to him while wiping the tear of with my thumb. "I love you swagster!" I said to him excitedly "I love you too cheesecake!" He said to me while tickling my side. "Bye daddy!" I told him while walking into my classroom "Bye sweet cheeks!" He replied then he was off. I tear started down my cheek I was left here with no friends and I didn't have my daddy to protect when I need him to. "Need a tissue?" A kind boy asked. He had curly hair and emerald greenish blue eyes. I smiled at him "Thank you?" I replied kind of looking for a name to call him. "I'm Scott by the way Scott Styles and you are? He asked me. I just looked him in his emerald green eyes and I guessed he looked into my blue amber eyes. "Wanna sit with me?" He stilled seeked for a name "Lybia Bieber but you can call me Lybia for short." I answered "And yes Scott I would love to sit with you!". A smiled spread across his face and seeing him smile made me smile. "Come on let's sit over there with them!" He said pointing to a table with two kids sitting there already. "Hey Scott!" A boy with brown eyes said looking at him and me. We walked to the chairs and sat down. "Lybia this is Daniel Horan and Sassy Thompson!" He paused "You two should get along well!" He exclaimed smiling cheekily at me! "Uh thanks Scotty!" Sassy sassed off to him "Is that a bad thing?" I asked siding with Scotty. She just looked at me. And from then on out I knew me Scott had a bond bigger than the world. But that was just the beginning.

*** End of flashback***

     Yup that's right that's how me, Scotty, Daniel, and Sassy met. That's just the beginning of what was in for me and Scott. From the moment he asked me to get a tissue was just the beginning, just the beginning of Lybia Styles.


hey guys hope you like it. Please favorite comment and fan me. If you want me to check anything out I will so yeah. Hoped you liked it so bye bye now!


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