i'm already dead



2. the campsite story

After Jayden got into the car Shealine backed out of the driveway and drove as fast as she could off of that street and to her apartment. Once she got to her apartment she packed all of the food she had in the kitchen, all of her clothes , 3 tents, blow up mattresses, money and blankets. She then went underneath her own bed and took out her box, Jayden had no idea she had one as well. Inside her box there were razor blades, bandages, and 2 pictures. One was of Jayden and the other one was of her Mom, Dad and her 6 sisters. She threw it into her backpack and ran back outside to the car. Once she got back in she started driving until she reached the special spot in the middle of the woods where her and her family used to go camping. Shealine had been thinking out a plan like this for 2 years now, but the plan involved Jayden's Mother coming with them as well,  but because of complications with a pregnancy her and her 6th baby had died during labour.

Once they got to the spot, she took the tents out of the trunk, Jayden got out and helped her locate where they would be. the big tent would be in the middle where there "kitchen and living room" would be. The 3 man tent would be for the children and the last 2 man tent would be for her and Jayden. The next thing they did was blow up the mattresses and set up the beds, it was nearly 2 in the morning once they were done and they were very tired.  Very carefully and quietly they both went to the car and took 2 kids out at a time and set them in the tents and said goodnight.  They themselves couldn't fall asleep so they ended up talking and cuddling in their tent for a very long time.

"We've been dating for almost 3 years Shea.. you never told me about your family or what happened to them" Jayden said quietly.

"I guess you should know now darling, I mean if you would allow me to" Shea replied.  Jayden just nodded and Shealine kept on talking.

" I used to have 6 sisters... there names were Safire-Nicole, Victoria-Anne, Emma-Leigh, Amelia-Barbra, Jessica-Lynne and Leigh Anna-Rosetta. at the time my name was Shealine-Kendra but I Just go by Shealine now. anyways.. back to my story. All 6 of them were older than me. Safire and Victoria would have been 22, Emma-Leigh would have been 20, Amelia and Jessica would have been 19 and Leigh Anna would have been 18. One day while us and our parents were out, They turned around for a mere second and Leigh Anna had disappeared. They spent months trying to find her but there was nothing. Jessica-Lynne at only 12 drowned herself thinking why would they take her and not me? our family was sent to counseling. Safire and Victoria  were old enough to leave, so they went to collage, they both ended up being raped and killed the same year that they went." Shealine took a deep breath and tried to continue the story. "Emma-Leigh, Amelia and Myself were the only ones left. My mother had died of depression by the time I was 13. My father went away to work and took his favourite remaining daughter Amelia. Emma-Leigh left me just a few months before I started dating you and I moved here trying to start over. at first I had to lie about my age to get a job and I was homeless, but then I gained money and I bought myself that apartment I've been living in for 3 years now."  a tear started to roll down her face. Jayden grabbed her and held her tight, and for the first time in a long time she cried herself to sleep.

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