i'm already dead



1. getting the family out

Shealine panicked as she grabbed her coat and ran outside to her car, she got in started it and drove like a mad woman to her boyfriend Jayden's house. She burst through the doors and dashed upstairs to his bedroom, from inside all you could hear were sharp screams that were full of pain. She quickly opened the door and saw Jayden lying on the floor curled up in a ball crying. "Baby stand up, what happened?" Shealine asked as he helped him to his feet. "Dad got mad.. beat me and then left." He replied with a sniffle. Shealine led him to the bathroom to clean the blood up from his face and clothes. Slowly the boy that she knew and loved came back to her. "you know what! I am so fucking sick of your father treating you like you are worthless! where are Louisa, Jessie, Mark and Lynne?" she demanded. "up on the 3rd floor hiding" he replied. Shealine climbed slowly up the stairs to the small room that the kids had set up as a safe place from "daddy". she took the spare key out of her purse and unlocked the door, the 4 children ran to her and hugged her. "girls and Mark.. I need you to go to your rooms and pack as much as you can fit in your school backpacks, we need to get you out of this house before Ron comes home." she said to them in a shaky voice. They did as they were told as fast as they could because the one thing that they had been wishing for was to get out of the horror house. she closed the door and locked it quickly and walked back down to the washroom to see how Jayden was doing. "Love, I'm not leaving without you and your siblings.. I'll go pack your stuff for you". Shealine told him. She walked out of the bathroom and into his tiny makeshift room, she opened some drawers and threw all of his clothes inside. and then he went underneath his bed and grabbed his box. Jayden had never told her what was in the wooden box, so she opened it and inside of it she found a gun, a letter and 3 pictures, one of Shealine, a family picture and one of his mother before she had died. she closed the box with teary eyes and put into his backpack.

"Shea we're ready"  Jessie said in a scared voice. Shealine helped Jayden up as she grabbed Lynne to carry her to the car. Shea opened the car doors and the 4 children piled into the backseat of the car. Jayden proceeded to put all of their belongings inside the trunk and shut the door.  "Oh and one more thing!" Jayden said getting out of the car. he grabbed a match and lit it and threw it onto the porch. he stood there watching the house burn as he slowly walked back to his girlfriends car.

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