Hey i am Julie, i work at Nandos, Well until i met this guy. His name was Harry he stole my heart for "fun" i think


11. Plane/Dinner

"Have you talked to your mom?" I said when I sat on Harrys Lap

"Yeah we will see her at 6, we are going to my childhood home" I nodded and smiled

"I am going to the back bedroom to sleep"

"Want me to lie down with you?"

"No its okay" I kissed Harry and feel asleep.

-----------------------------------Harry P.O.V------------------

"The Plane landing in 20 minutes wake Julie up" Zayn said, I nodded and went in the bed room.

"babe? wake up we are landing soon" she got up and was a gorgeous bed head. I took another picture of her and tweet this:

@HarryStyles: Off to London,  I just woke up Julie lol ily xx :P

"No more pictures Harry!" she said and laughed. 

"Ok! ok! but we landed" i laughed I grabbed her hand and we walked  to the front of the plane and I got her a diet coke. "Here you go it will give you some energy"

"thanks babe! I need it I don't want to tired around your mom!"

"Oh I forgot to tell you that my sister will be there too"

"Two people that won't like me..."

"Don't be silly J, both of them will love you!" she hugged me and I kissed her  head. We got off the plane and Julie started to be the one that the fans tried to touch or hurt or take a picture with "look whos popular" to her!

"Ha no! Not me!" i nodded and and she pushed me. I grabbed her hand and we walked thru the airport and i grabbed her bags and we went into the van. "Haz what time is it?"

"About 3 in the afternoon babe" i said, it was obvious she had jet leg because everywhere we go her head was on my shoulder or her head was on my lap. "At the hotel take a nap you are really tired" she nodded "take my sunglasses so the sun wont get in your eyes.

"Thanks Babe"she said without opening her eyes.  When we got to the hotel Julie kept drinking mountain dew to wake her up, after 8 cans of it she finally woke up. "Ok Harry I am getting in the shower then getting dressed then we are going to your moms house"

"Ok! Don't get extremely fancy babe!" she nodded and jumped in the shower and watched T.V "Hey Niall what are you doing here?"

"Your mom called me and said that Gemma will be late" i nodded and he left.

"HARRY!" i heard Julie yell


"I am getting out of the shower then curl my hair or should I keep it like this?"

"Keep it straight" i said she nodded and went into the bathroom 

------Julie P.O.V-----3 hours later--------

"Babe we are going to be late" harry said watching T.V

"ok ok lets go! How do i look?" i said walking infront of him 

"After the dinner your mine" i laughed and he grabbed my hips. I was sweating bucket before we got there my hands were so cold and clammy. "You will be fine they will love you!'

"I know but-"

"dont be nervous!" i nodded and we pulled up to Harrys house and walked up to the door "You ready?" i nodded again and he walked inside where his mom was cooking. "Hi mom, this is Julie!"

"Hi Julie I am Anne nice to meet you, you are much prettier then Harry tells me!"

"Nice to meet you Anne! Thank you!"I laughed at Harry with his hand over his face.

"Mom when is Gemma going to be here?" harry said as we all sat down and ate

"She cant make it sorry" she said eating her steak

"Wheres the bathroom"

"down the hall to the left babe" i nodded and excused myself. I heard them talking about me so i overheard

"I like her" i heard Anne say "shes good for you"

"too good, i am afaird to lose her" I heard Harry say

"Do you think you guys would ever look into marriage?" she whispered

"I have a plan trust me" he winked and i went back to the table

"sorry about that"

"Its ok!" anne said "So how old are you?"

"I am 20 turning 21 in a week" she nodded

"Well its been fun" Harry said and got up

"Anne it was so nice to meet you" she gave me a hug and we left. Harry twirled me around outside and Anne was watching us. I kissed him and we left hand and hand


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