Hey i am Julie, i work at Nandos, Well until i met this guy. His name was Harry he stole my heart for "fun" i think


3. Next Day

After my date with harry we went back to his house and i changed into his clothes and I crashed there.

"Morning Sweets" he said smiling all innocent

"Morning Harry!"i said so happy to wake up beside him

"I have bad news" he said getting up and putting a shirt on.

"what is it babe?" i said sitting up.

"You have an America" my jaw dropped "Dont worry i will be there when you are done, and if you want you can stay and go on tour with us"

"I have an interview" said slowly sinking it in "of course i will go on tour with you but-"

" will be okay...i promise" he kissed me gently "are you okay?" my head kept going over the fact they will ask questions about this relationship and my life and his

"You promise you will be right there when I am done?" i said still shaky. He nodded and he drove me to my house where he helped me pack my things for the next 8 months

"Babe you want to bring this?" he laughed and held up my old childhood favorite teddy bear

"I think i can manage" i said laughing "ok! 8 months of packing done! all we have to do is meet the boys and go on a plane!"

"babe we have time to watch a movie" he smiled "Do you have Love Actually?" i nodded and he picked me up and threw me on top of him.I don't even remember watching the movie. I felt like i was in a movie. I was lying on Harry in booty shorts and his sweatshirt, Harry was wearing sweatpants and shirtless. He would always put his larger hand to my small one. Harry is a perfect brown curly haired boy, he is 6"3 when i am a 5"5 skinny little blonde. Harry always loved to have me lie on him, he loved to kiss the top of my head and his favorite thing to of all time was pick me up and throw me somewhere. "Baby I am making tea want any?" He said as i rolled over so he could get up.

"Sure hey babe when should we get going?" i said looking at the time

"Ummm we could go to the airport in 20 minutes if that is okay with you?"

"kk i will put my bags in your car-"

"no babe here can you make the tea and i will put both our bags in" i started laughing as he ran out the door. An i made his favorite tea and i made hot chocolate. "Done!" he said running back in drinking his tea

"Thank you babe do you want me to drive?" I said getting dressed all fancy

"No I will! woah" he said when i walked out in a short pink sparkly dress with sliver heels for my interview.  "you are so pretty come here babe" he picked me up and twirled me around.

"babe we have to go put me down" i started laughing and we got in his car to the airport "so after the States where are we going"

"funny you say that..we are going to my home town! You know my mom is dying to meet you"

"Harry I dont think-"

"Julie if it took me 6 hours to know you are the love of my life it will take my mom one dinner" he grabbed my hand when we got to the airport. 

"Hey!" Louis ran up to me and hugged me and Niall gave me a piggy back ride

"Harry I stole your girlfriend!" we all started laughing 

"No! She's mine Niall!" Louis screamed chasing Niall

"Lets play toss the Julie" Zayn screamed

"No no no! Lets watch Finding Nemo!"

"BOYS!" Harry screamed "Julie is mine" Niall dropped me on my bum and i started laughing. Harry helped me up and and held my hand through the fans and when we got to the private jeti was sitting on Harrys lap

"Jules are you scared for later?"

"No cause i no that Haz will be there before and after" i turned my head and kissed him. "Lou wheres El?"

"She's meeting us in London when your at Harry's moms-"

"We havent worked out the details yet Louis" harry interrupted i saw Harrys face a bit sad

"No Harry, can i call her now?" he nodded as i dialed Anne's number

"Hello? Mrs.Styles?" i said my hand was shaking

"Yes speaking?" she sounded so calm

"Hi! This is Harry's girlfriend Julie!"

"Oh Julie! you may call me anne!"

"Ok! haha! I cant wait to meet you! If you have anythime and you could come to the States Harry and I would love it!"

"I would love to come! I will come sometime tommorw!" 

"Okay great!" I hung up and ran to Harry "HARRY!" I jumped on him so happy

"What babe?"

"Your moms flying here tommorw!!" he was so happy his smile was priceless

"Really?! Oh my gosh I love you" he kissed me for about 30 minutes. Him and his mum were so close! Harry was so bubbly for the rest of the flight. When we finally landed Paul toke Harry and I to New York where i was being interveiwed by Good Morning America. "You ready Babe?" Harry asked me during hair and make up

"I dont know I am too nervous to even think" he kissed the top of my head. When my hair and make up was done Harry was trying to get me less nervous about this interview. I was on live in 5 minutes i couldnt stop shaking and my stomach was growling. "after this can we go out for dinner?" 

"Sure anything for you! We could celebrate! we both laughed. I was off stage now looking at Harry "I am right here baby, dont worry" i nodded and walked on to the stage.


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