Hey i am Julie, i work at Nandos, Well until i met this guy. His name was Harry he stole my heart for "fun" i think


9. New York

After the plane ride back El let me wear her clothes and I put my hair in a high bun. El dropped me off at Starbucks where I saw Harry though the windows. I pretended I couldnt see him through my sunglasses

"Hey babe"

"Hi.." i said feeling worthless coming here

"Can I explain..." I nodded "Skyler came over in the early morning so I could talk to her, I showed her the promise ring I got you and she said to me that means getting serious and I said I know i love you, Julie. She grabbed my face and said is there a spark and I said the only spark there will ever between me and someone is with Julie and she kept trying and I pushed her off and then she jumped on me and thats when you got in. I would never want to hurt you"

"Before I say anything, why do you want to get back to where we were"

"Because Julie" he got down on one knee "I want to make a promise with you, I promise you that it will hurt me if i ever hurt you. I promise you that you are the love of my life and that I want to spend forever with you."

"Get up and kiss me" he spun me around and around then kissed me. "Lets go to the hotel and pack for england!" we both laughed and went to the hotel

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