Hey i am Julie, i work at Nandos, Well until i met this guy. His name was Harry he stole my heart for "fun" i think


1. Nandos

"hey Jules" my friend skyler said when i checked in for work "guess who has the waitress job today?"

"who" I said prying in my head it wasnt me. 

"You Miss Julie" I rolled my eyes and put my long blonde straight hair in a ponytail "oh chill we all cant be as perfect as you" we laughed and i stared getting people orders

"Hi welcome to Nandos I am Julie, would you like anything to drink?" i said to the first group of girls who looked like they never ate before.

"yeah what do you have to drink that has no calories no fat no sodium and no dairy?"

"Water.." they all laughed and i brought them their water. The next table i went to had 3 boys there

"Hi I am Julie, welcome to Nandos like anything to drink"

"I want tea but get it fast" said one with a heavy british accent not compared to mine, i had a light airy voice

"Umm ok? would you guys like anything to drink"

"can i have a diet coke please" said one with blonde hair and blue eyes like me

"sure anything for you"

"yes can i have water" said the one with dark hair and hazel eyes. I cam back with the blonde ones diet coke, the brown hairs water and the rude ones tea.

"here you go-" the rude one got up and his tea spilt all over me.

"Hey sorry about that Julie" i wiped everything off me

"You still want a tea umm sorry i didnt catch your name"

"Harry, Harry Styles" i nodded "oh here"

"What is this" 

"my number call me i have to go but Niall and Zayn will be here" I went back to change when i saw  Skyler 

"someone was checking you out" i nodded "was he cute, nice, funny"

"well he was rude, cute, and spilt tea on me" we both started laughing when i ended my shift. There was something about Harry...

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