Hey i am Julie, i work at Nandos, Well until i met this guy. His name was Harry he stole my heart for "fun" i think


7. LA

When I got to the LA airport Skyler was there to pick me up

"What happened?"

"I walked in to see Harry sucking face with a girl" she hugged me when I started to cry. 

"You dont need them we will have fun alone want to go out tonight?"

"no I just want to watch a movie and sleep" She nodded and drove me to her flat. The doorbell ran, "I think its the pizza! I will get it"

"No Jul-" I opened the door and saw Harry standing there crying. I kept looking at his like we were having a conversation and like he was explaining his actions, I crouched on the floor crying.

"I am so sorry Julie" he said quietly in my ear. But right when he said that I got angry remembering the face that Harry was kissing

"It was you Skyler" i turned around and cried even more. I ran past Harry and ran and just kept running, running until I couldnt run and where Harry couldnt find me. I ended up running until it started pouring "Hi Umm where am I?" I said to a boy behind the cuntor of a restaurant 

"You are 5 miles from Death Valley, in the contry"

"Do you have any motels or hotels near here?" he shock his head no and I sat down

"Where you from?" i laughed

"Where i was I was in LA running still from my boyfriend, when I was was in new york"

"I am from The valley, not very exciting, who was this boyfriend of yours?"

"Harry Styles" he nodded his head

"We are closing want to come with me?" I nodded and he drove me to his house where his mom was "Mom this is my friend-"

"Julie" i said looking at him. He was about 5"11 had justin beiber hair and was kinda attractive.

"Nice to meet you Julie! Aren't you Harry Styles girlfriend?"

"Ex" the boy said she nodded

"well Joey is very happy your here I cant tell! Need anything?"

"Do you have a phone?" she nodded and lead me to the land line

"Eleanor? can you pick me up"

"yeah where are you?"

"Death valley, dont tell anyone i am her, even louis"

"Ok be there early tommorw"

"Thanks Bye"

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