Hey i am Julie, i work at Nandos, Well until i met this guy. His name was Harry he stole my heart for "fun" i think


15. Dinner with the Parnets

"Hi mom, hi dad" I said opening the door "Harry this is my mom Lynn and dad Michael"

"nice to meet you both I am Harry"

"nice to meet you too Harry" my mom said. As we sat to eat my mom questioned Harry and I when she tried to make us drink wine. My mom and dad really liked Harry and I could tell.

"Mom can I talk to you outside?" she nodded and we walked out " I dont want you to tell dad this until it happens but-"

"Your having a baby!" she said jumping up and down

"How do you know?"

"Julie, you've always been so skinny you're starting to get a bump" I nodded and we went back inside where Harry and my dad were sitting on the coach.

"I am tired you guys should go"

"Ok" they walked out without any other word


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