Roller coaster of life


Laura is your average girl, who falls in love easily. She gets to parties, and bars, just like any normal person would.
But what is unusual about her, is the way she walk straight in to his heart, and stole it.
Harry styles falls deeply, madly in love with Laura, but something gets in between.
Something would make them regret their lives.
Harry styles gets falls ahead of himself..

Jealousy, fights, drama, love are just small parts of roller coaster of life


5. Chapter three

"Harry where the fuck are you taking me?!" I yelled angrily, as he soon stopped infront of a bar?!  I gave him the confused look, as he smirked. "Cmon, you gotta help" I frown, as I crossed my arms togther. "Help you in what!" I said, throwing my arms in the air. "Never mind" he said annoyed, and walked in the store. I followed him.

"pick the good things for a party" he instructed. I nod, as I took a trolley, and put in many things,  pizza, icecream, beer, and other things. As soon as I was done, I walked over to the paying section. I guess I will paying. I sigh, as I took my money out of my pocket, "you aren't paying" I looked around, to see Harry frown. I nod, as I put them back.

soon enough, the boys came too, with the car. We put in the bags, as I sat inside the car, next to Liam and Harry. "So what's up?" They all blast in fit of laughters. " I missing a joke here?" Which even caused them to laugh even more.

soon, the car been parked, as we walked out of the car. "Bye guys, I will be going" I said, but Harry took a strong grip of my arm. "You aren't going anywhere, you are staying with us. And there is no party, we are just joking with you" he said, smirking at me. For some reasons I grew reason, and blew at him, "WHAT THE FUCK! YOU FUCKING BROUGHT ME HERE FOR A FREAKING JOKE!" I walked off, as I reached the next cab. "Wait!" I looked around to see Liam looking at me with pleading eyes. "Please stay, we are gonna have fun! And their girlfriends gonna come!" Yes! So nikki and patty gonna be there. I nod, as I followed him back to there home.

i entered in, to see the boys with a big smile, "YAAY she is here!" Patt and nikki said in unison, and hugged me tight, "you gotta met this girl. She is amazing!" Nikki squealed. "Who?" I tilt my head to see a blonde girl, with an eyeglasses on. "Hey" I said, hugging her. " iam nubie, nice to met you!" "I am Laura" she nods, as we girls sat in a circle, chit talking about everything.

"anyone wanna watch a movie?" Louis yelled. We all nod, as the order was the following: the girls sat up, and each girl boyfriend sitting between her legs. Since I didn't have a boyfriend, Harry sat there, while Liam next to me. "If you felt scared, hug me okay?" I laughed at Liam. "Me scared? Gimme a better joke" he smiles, and soon enough the movie started.

the girls couldn't stop screaming, as I look at the tv, crunching the popcorn, and play with Harry curly hair. As it end, the boys laughed at the girls, and they blushed. We all sat in a big circle. "TRUTH OR DARE!!!" Louis said exciting. I rolled my eyes. "Truth or dare Laura?"




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