Roller coaster of life


Laura is your average girl, who falls in love easily. She gets to parties, and bars, just like any normal person would.
But what is unusual about her, is the way she walk straight in to his heart, and stole it.
Harry styles falls deeply, madly in love with Laura, but something gets in between.
Something would make them regret their lives.
Harry styles gets falls ahead of himself..

Jealousy, fights, drama, love are just small parts of roller coaster of life


9. Chapter six


i opened my eyes slowly, as i saw jas cleaning my room. "Good morning" I said lazily, as I stood up and went to the bathroom. "So what happened yesterday. Why Harry slept in our doorstep?""Harry what?!" I spilt out, as I looked back at her. In a way or another, I got to explain.

i sat down in the bed, and pat the place next to me. She sat down, and crossed her arm, with a frown. "Yesterday I saw him kiss a girl" I looked down. It isn't like I am growing feelings for him. He just kissed a girl, so why am I all sad?

she sighed, and stood up. "When you marry, tell me" I laughed, but soon it fades. "So u love him?" That was more like a statement. I looked away. I didn't even knew, if I am in love or not. This all is stupid. I got to the bathroom, as I stripped myslef, and let the water clean my body. I was thinking a lot, about him. 

I grab the towel, and walked back to my room, and I saw him there staring me up and down. "What the hell are you doing here?" I yelled at him. As I hide behind the bathroom door. I heard a long sigh, "I don't know what's wrong, but am sorry, I think I told you what happened. So why all angry?" I sigh, and opened the door. Harry stood there, looking me up and down. "Can you stop doing this? And go out of my room I gotta dress."

"oh can't I stay, and see you?" I smacked his arm, as he grabbed my wrist, and we were in an awkward position. I tried to stand up, but the more I did, the more I am closer to his pink lips. Within seconds, I felt his lips in mine, as I kissed back. I don't know what I have done, but I felt butterflies, he licked my bottom lips, for deepening the kiss. I refused. Without I know what happened, his tongue was exploring my mouth. This felt so right.

"ewww" I looked up to see mom and my smaller brother there. My mom was in a shock, and disgust. I broke the kiss, as she pointed at her room. I kept my head down as I walked there.

i waited for about ten minutes. I feel I am gonna die. Why is she early anyways? And where is my sister to the rescue? That good for nothing. Soon enough, mom was in the room, followed by Harry. She smiled sweetly at me. Wait, what?! What did I miss?! I looked confused,as she laughed and sat next to me. "You really and growing up fast. But don't get kids now, ok?" I felt my heart relaxing at the moment, but soon it fades. "Mom I am.." She interrupted me, with Harry. "Don't worry, I will take care of her" he said smirking at me.

"mom I am not with him!" I yelled, as I stood up, but I wish I hadn't. My towel fell in the ground,  Harry looked amazed, but soon closed his eyes. Mom she was angry, very angry. I put back the towel, and ran to my room.

i got humiliated infront of him today! I cried, soaking my bed with tears. I heard knocks in my door, but it just cause me to cry more. It been an hour, and the knocks stopped along ago. I feel I can't see him again. Not after what happened. I don't want to see that dumb! I threw my towel at the floor angrily, and got my pyjamas on. I feel I want to kill someone right now, literally!

i walked downstairs, to see mom drinking her tea, while jas next to her reading a magazine. I walked and sat next to jas. "where is sis in the help?!" I whispered-yelled at her ears. She felt sad at the moment, and I didn't care. Not at all.

"so, why did you do that?" Mom asked, breaking the awkward silence. "Mom I.." She interrupted me again, "don't ever break that boy heart! He is so sweet, and gentle! Stop acting as if he killed you!" I stood up angrily, "why don't you listen to me!" I yelled, as I put on my jumper, and ran out of home, in the streets with only my pinky shirt, and my yoga pants. Everyone gave me looks, and I ignored. 

Soon enough, I reached patty home. She is sharing it with Niall, since they are getting married after an year. "Patty, oh my god" I cried in her shoulder, as she hugged me, and let me in. I saw him there. "WHAT THE FUCK, WHY ARE YOU HERE?!" I yelled, as tears run in my face. He stood up angrily, and walked over me, I stood there, taking steps back. "Stop it!" Niall screamed, as Harry looked at me, filled with emotions, madness and sad. I didn't care, and looked away.

"what the fuck is happening here?!" Niall and patty Said in the same time. I wanted to laugh, but I couldn't. I can't with Harry gaze buried deep in my eyes. "Why don't you ask him?!" I yelled, as I stormed out of the home. "Not this fast" as I felt a strong grip in my arm, and saw Liam. "Let's go togther, and talk" he said, with his facinating smile. I nod, as he smiled, put an arm around me and we walked to Starbucks. Why can't Harry be like him? All gentle, and sweet, caring.


soon enough, she left out with Liam. I stood there, with anger expressions. Can't she see I love her?! I know this is all fast, but the way she walks tells me, that we are exactly good for each other. Is Liam loving her? Or just as a friend?! Either way, I need her back in my arms. That kiss, was more than I wanted. I love her, "hello?!" I blinked and saw Niall waving at my face. "Yes?" I asked.

"does she knows?" I looked away, "damn it bro, if she DOSENT now, then you are gonna loose her" I walked away, with my hands in the pocket. Should I tell her?

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