Roller coaster of life

Laura is your average girl, who falls in love easily. She gets to parties, and bars, just like any normal person would.
But what is unusual about her, is the way she walk straight in to his heart, and stole it.
Harry styles falls deeply, madly in love with Laura, but something gets in between.
Something would make them regret their lives.
Harry styles gets falls ahead of himself..

Jealousy, fights, drama, love are just small parts of roller coaster of life


7. Chapter five

I locked the door behind me, as I walked inside the bath tub. For after 20 minutes, I came out, with a towel being held close to my body. I walked slowly to my closet. Mom and bro, left today to go to USA. I don't know the reasons, but that's good. I looked over the dress section, as I looked at each single one of them.

i picked out the red strapless dress, which is under my knee. It had diamonds running down till my waist. I put it in my bed, as I let the towel fall free to the ground. I put on my dress, as I found my red high heels. I walked over to my mirror, as I heard a knock in the door. I stood up to see jas there. "Need any help?" I nod, as she smirked.

first she did my hair, falling perfectly in the right shoulder, as she moved some of my hair to my forehead. It was surely amazing. Then she did the make up, and we were almost done. I carried my red bag, and walked downstairs tries not to fall. Suddenly I heard wolf whistle. I smiled as I walked infront of the four guys. "Hey, wow" zayn said, holding his girlfriend. I smiled and thanked them all.

we soon got in the car, and drove there. He pulled in a parking  spot, as we all walked out. They boys looked handsome too. Especially Harry styles. Oh we'll whatever. We walked in and the room turned at us. Probably looking at the boys. I parted from them, as I went to get some drinks. 

I saw my best mate, as we danced together, he was such a good dancer. The next thing I knew was Harry giving me deadly looks. I ignored it, like usual and rocked the party. We rocked the party, as I sat down, trying hard not to black out. I guess I drank a lot, but the boys were in such powers. The next thing I knew, was Harry kissing a girl, just there infront of me. We aren't togther, so I shouldn't be mad. But in reality I felt hurt.


i was watching Laura from far, as she danced with a guy.i felt jealous eating me alife. I sent her looks to stop, but she ignored me. I danced with some girls, and I got in real fun. Then I was walking out, for a breathe, and a slut came kissing me hard. I tried to break the kiss, but she was just too strong for a girl. I looked around to see Laura staring at me, her face in disgust.

after removing that slut, I walked to Laura to clear the misunderstood. "Look, let me explain" I said, pushing through people, as she walks faster away. "Please" I said, as she turned and looked at me. She crossed her arms. "Yes explain, mr.styles" then I explained everything, she just nod, and walks away. "Bitch, please" she said under her breathe, as she vanished from the party.

thry boys kept on grounding at me, I wasn't in a shape of defending myslef..but I will let her forgive me, after all I am mr.styles. 

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