One Directions Imagines

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8. For Samantha

Imagine #7

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! I was so exited because today was my birthday! I was also kinda sad because Louis hasn't said a word to me about it all day. He kept going in and out of the house saying he had "stuff" to do. I was sitting on the couch when I heard a phone go off in the cushion. I dug my hand in and found the device. It was Louis' phone. He had a text message. From a girl. It read, "Hey love. It was great seeing you today. Hope we could do it again sometime. :)"
I looked at the contact and it said Eleanor. I couldn't believe this! Louis was cheating on me. On my own Birthday! That's when I heard the door open and Louis calling out.
"Babe, I'm home. Where are you? Oh there you are." He said entering the room. I looked at him with a mixture of sadness and anger.
"How could you?!" I screamed chucking his phone at him.
"Wh- oh." He said shocked as he looked at his phone. He looked up at me with sadness in his eyes.
"Babe." Louis said as he walked towards me reaching his hand out to touch my face.
"Don't!" I screeched stepping away. 
"On my own birthday." Tears rushing down my face.
"Samantha listen to me." Louis took a short pause to reach out and pull me closer.
"I'm not cheating. I bumped into her while I was in town getting stuff for your not-so-surprise-party-anymore. I just said hi and told her what I was doing and she told me about her new boyfriend and that's all." Louis said running his hand along my back. 
"I'm sorry." I said sniffling.
"No I should have just told you." 
"It's fine." I said reaching up and kissing him. 
"Happy birthday babe."


****Authors Note****

i tried to post this on your birthday but I've either had no wifi or I'm busy. I'm sorry but here you go.

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