One Directions Imagines

Tell me in the comments hair color, eye color, height, age, what boy, and what genre.


3. For Elisabeth.

Imagine #2

Elisabeth's P.O.V

Today was my 18th birthday and I was actually really sad about it because no one had mentioned it, not my mom, dad, brothers, my boyfriend and all his friends who just so happened to be in the biggest boy band at the moment 'One Direction'. It was about 7 PM when I pulled into the driveway, I was really not looking forward to going inside and no one even saying one happy birthday. I got to the door, unlocked it, and opened it. The lights were off which scared me that someone had broke in, I turned the light on anyway. I was completely shocked at what I saw, my mom, dad, brothers, friends, and my boyfriend Niall all smiling and shouting HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I had tears in my eyes and ran to hug my family.
"Thank you so much for this surprise party!" I said to my parents.
"Oh, we didn't plan this." My mother told me looking over at Niall who was smiling at me. I ran over to him hugging him whispering. "Thank you."
"Elisabeth." Niall said softly
"Yeah?" Still holding on to him
"I-I love you." Niall said pulling away. I looked up at Niall, with tears in my eyes, and pulled his face towards mine and kissed him softly.
"I love you to." I said into the kiss
We then pulled away pressing our foreheads together, as I whispered to him,
"Best birthday ever."

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