One Directions Imagines

Tell me in the comments hair color, eye color, height, age, what boy, and what genre.


5. For Amira

Imagine #4

Today I was gonna be dying my boyfriend, Zayn's, hair. We had made a bet last week on who could go the longest without getting on their phone, and of course I won. Whoever lost got their hair dyed by the other person, and it could be any color. I was getting the stuff ready, while Zayn got a towel, when the rest of the boys came barging in saying they wanted to watch. Zayn cam back in the room and groaned.
"Really? I don't want them to watch. You could dye it some bizarre color."
"To bad" said Niall chuckling.
"Sit down pretty boy" I told Zayn while pushing back into the chair.
*skip dying hair part*
"TADA!" I yelled pulling the towel off Zayn's head. The boys just stared at him for a second and then burst into laughter.
"What?" Zayn said worriedly. I gave Zayn a mirror trying my best to keep my laughter in.
"Amira!" Zayn screamed. 
"Why pink?!?"
"Oh shut up. You can wash it out in the shower." I said giggling.
Later that day after he took a shower we realized that it would take more than just 1 shower.

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