Boys Like You

Tessa was a quiet girl who kept herself to herself.
But when her mom and dad split up, she is forced to move half way across the country.

And when the dangerous Justin Bieber sets his sights on her
- things go from bad, to worse.

With Justin's enemies after her, will she live to see tomorrow?


3. Chapter Three

'I shoot the lights out


Hide til its bright out


Whoa, just another lonely night


Are you willing to sacrifice your life?'

Monster/Kayne West



I turn around and his face is just mere inches from mine as his eyes burn with desire. I jolt back so fast I think I've given myself whiplash.


"How do you know my name?" I question as I scrunch up my nose, eyebrows raised.


He smiled flashing his perfect white teeth, he was breathtakingly beautiful, but his eyes had a certain darkness to it. The kind that would make you want to keep the lights on at night.



Your nose is so cute!" He teases reaching a long finger up and flipping the tip of it, biting on his lower lip.

"Don't touch me." I snap, smacking his hand away.


He scoffs and rolls his eyes. The moment they meet mine they are filled with anger and coldness, and I suddenly should fear him. He's terrifying.

"Because David just said it." He scowls, but his lips subconsciously smile.


"Oh... right." I awkwardly mumble.



I look back to the front nervous and confused.


"But I knew it before he did." He whispers, sending chills down my back.


I don't move. I can't. He's right beside me and my breath is caught in my throat making it harder to breathe. I can see why people fear him. One look into his eyes and you're set with nightmares. You can tell he likes it; the power. The feeling it gives him of being feared.


"How?" I croak, every word laced with fear.

"I have my way Tessa Nicole Fields." I freeze, shivering from the way my name rolled off of his tongue.

How does he know my full name? I never tell anyone my full name. Now here he is, saying it like he knows me personally.

I hate him. I hate him because he is so arrogant and cocky. He just sits there and pushes people around like he's the boss of the school. Everyone just cowers away from him and looks at him like he some sort of king and I hate it.


He stands up, his eyes darting to me as he clears his throat.


"Tessa is off limits. Clear?" He says looking around the room. Wait. What the fuck?


I'm even more surprised by the nodding of heads, than I am at his sudden claim of me. This is insane; who the fuck does this guy think he is? Speak, Tessa. Say something.


"Is this a joke?" I breathe out, shaking my head in shock.


"No." He smiles, sitting back down.

"When I chase a girl, I want to be the only one chasing her." He says in a low voice as his fingers dance across the skin on my forearm.


"Leave her alone Justin!" A female voice snaps and rage takes over his features.


"Stay the fuck out of this Jennifer." He snaps eyes still focused on me.


His fists clench and we both now turn to loo at her- his ex. the girl with the scar he supposedly gave her.


"This a new low, even for you! Picking on the new girl!" The room his surprised by her protest.


"Don't fucking push me Jennifer, I meant it." He slams his fists against the table going to a new level of angry.


Every one is on edge now, even the teacher stays silent. Trust this this happen, that on the first day you attract a psychopath. Well done Tessa, well done.


"I'm serious Justin, she's innocent. Don't drag her into your little sick world. I know what that feels like!" She screams, her eyes glazed.


The argument continues, but everything goes silent and I can hardly breathe. Why did this happen to me? Why me?

Justin sits back in his chair, leaning forward, his hot breath on my neck.


"Just sit back and relax. We're gonna have so much fun together Tessa."



























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