Boys Like You

Tessa was a quiet girl who kept herself to herself.
But when her mom and dad split up, she is forced to move half way across the country.

And when the dangerous Justin Bieber sets his sights on her
- things go from bad, to worse.

With Justin's enemies after her, will she live to see tomorrow?


5. Chapter Five


HAIII! A lot of people were llike 'update! OMG I'm dying!' Obvioously you're not dying if your typing.....


When people get tattoos of anchors that say I refuse to sink, when sinking is all anchors do......


Anyway! Here's the chappie!








Everybody's looking for something

Some of them want to use you


Some of them want to get used by you


Some of them want to abuse you


Some of them want to be abused


Emily Browning//Sweet Dreams



Apart from the whole pyscho Justin situation that I have chosen to convince myself will blow over, even though my subconscious is screaming at me to run, school hadn't been that bad and I've made three fiends. Yes, three. I don't like it. Don't get me wrong, they're nice and all, but I just have been along practically al my life. Scarlett, David, and Belle; the girl I met it math,  make me feel socialable.


The cold air nips at my skin as I clentched my books to my chest, thinking of today's events; his blazing brown eyes haunting my every thought. They were so dangerously hypnotizing. Usually I would be the girl who would defend herself, that would swear profusely and scream at the top of her lungs, but there's something about him - when he's around;  I'm paralyzed  - I'm frightened.


"Tessa? Tessa?" Belle's voice broke me from my trance.


"You alright, you seem distracted?" She asks quietly, she's a little reserved and shy.


"Hmm. It was just today... It was odd." I breathe, making sure I don't trip over myself as I walk home. Clumsiness will be the death of me.


Why? What happened?" She questions, looking at me in confusion.


I hadn't told her about Justin, yet. To be honest, I just wanted to forget about him, but I couldn't shake him - he was under my skin; poisoning me.


"This guy, Jus-

"Tessa?" I hear someone scream my name warmly.


I notice the drastic change in expression on Belle's face as she looked ahead. She looked angry, scared, disgusted even. I look up, his eyes covered with the most expensive looking sunglasses, his jet black hair thick and ruffled, his toned, tanned muscles flexing as he runs my way. Don't drool, don't drool; saliva on your chin is not attractive.


"Jack." I waved, smiling like a complete moron. Why do ho guys have the ability to make me the most awkward looking creature on the planet?


His smile faded as he got closer. His jaw clenching as he removed hi sunglasses and folded his strong arms across his chest. The atmosphere was toxic. I looked from Belle to Jack, if looks could kill they would both be dead. Though, I was beginning to think everyone was used to death around here.


I was just about to say something make this already awkward situation, more so awkward, when he spoke.


"You should be more careful which streets you walk down Belle. This is a dangerous neighborhood for the likes of you." His voice was cold and harsh.


I hear her gulp loudly, her hands lightly trembling. Did he just threaten her?


"Tessa, I'll see you later." She mumbles, hurrying to walk away.


"No. Belle, come back. Are you all right?" I call after her, but his arm stops me from following her.


She looks over her shoulder and gives me a light nod, but her eyes are tearful and red.


"tell Josh I said hi." his tone sounded hateful as he scowled at her.


He turned back to me an smiled widely, but I'm not impressed in the slightest and he knows it.


"That was rude." I huff, scrunching up my nose in anger


He smiled cheekily, his hands taking hold of my arms. I freeze, goose-bumps covering my skin as his dark, lustful eyes look  into mine with a look that I can't read.


"Tessa, are you mad at me?" he questions playfully.


I can't help but smile. I know, I'm a weak and pitiful excuse for a person.


"Yeah, she's my frien-"


"You shouldn't be friends with the likes of her, Tessa." he demands, hus expression turning dark instantly.


"Why would that be then?" I scowl, pushing him in a huff. Why couldn't I be this strong with Justin?


Tessa, wait. I'm sorry, she's just not from this par of town, she's one of them." He sighs and I warmly shiver as his hand stays in mine. He notices and smiles my way.


"One of who?" I ask, and I suddenly find my breathing deepening, almost like I know what he's gonna say.


"Her brother Josh is in Ryan and Justin's gang. -

"Justin Bieber?" I gulp loudly with fear, cutting him off before he can finish his sentence.


"How do you know him?" His eyes widen, anger in his tone.


"he goes to my school. He - he kept saying all of this stuff to me today. Something about my innocence? I don't know, he scares me." I start to panic, what if he meant it? What If his ex was right? Basically you're fucked.


"Tessa. Stay away from Justin Bieber. He's trouble, evil. If you get involved with him living on this street will be dangerous for you. We're the gang from the other side of town; you won't be safe." My heart drops as he says the words so calmly, like being in a 'gang' is nothing.


"So you're in a gang too?" I whisper, my tone laced with disappointment.


"Don't look at me like that Tessa." He pleads, "It's not like any of us chose this. We have no choice"


"What do you mean?" I ask as he pulls me along the street, his fingers intertwined with mine.


He stops outside of my house, his eyes burning with delight as he smirks down at me, towering above me confidently.


"Hang out with me tonight and I'll tell you everything you need to know" He whispers in my ear.


Something inside of me tells me I shouldn't. But as usual, my curiosity gets the better of me.








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I dunno, Justin is just so sexy in it? You think?


I promise you guys there will be more with Justin and Tessa.

Okay: Jessa? Or Tack? Jessa=Justin & Tessa Tack=Jack & Tessa



Mkay. Jack is Taylor Lautner & Tessa is Vanessa Hudgens with long brown hair,


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